Aroma Treasures Fennel Seed Pure Essential Oil(10ml)

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  • Physical Wellbeing : Fennel seed is one of the most multi- benefit oils. The fennel seed oil acts as a galactogogue, which means that it can increase the amount of milk in lactating mothers by boosting the hormone called estrogen. The fennel seed oil is also carminative and helps in relieving indigestion, pain in abdomen, stomach and chest, thereby lessening the hypertension. It is an excellent laxative for acute constipation .

    Detoxification of the body is another important quality of the oil. It increases the frequency of urination, thus removing excess water, sodium, uric acid, bile salts and other toxic elements from the body, thereby leading to cleansing of the kidneys and reducing fat .

    The fennel seed provides great relief to women undergoing premature menopause or obstructed menses, further reducing the pain, dizziness and mood swings .

    Beauty Applications : The fennel seed oil along with its medical benefits also has beauty benefits. It helps in treating the excess cellulite in the body resulting in reduction of fat .

    Emotional Wellbeing : The fennel seed oil can be of great help to individuals who need to detoxify their body after indulgence in alcohol, nicotine or any such toxic substances .

    Key Features :

    Essential oils are naturally extracted from plants to induce relaxation, increase energy and reduce stress. It seeks overall balance of mind, body and soul. Our essential oils are multipurpose in nature due to their antiseptic, antiviral and anti inflammatory qualities. Its healing properties assist in curing various disorders. Apart from its medicinal properties, it is also a great ingredient for emotional wellbeing, a definite anti depressant. Universally, these oils are also used for beautification .

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Aroma Treasures Fennel Seed Pure Essential Oil
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