Astaberry Enchanting Rose Hair Remover Cream - (60 gm)(60 gm)

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  • Astaberry Enchanting Rose Hair Remover Creme has Aloe Vera extracts and natural moisturizers that helps soothes the skin & makes it soft & glowing. Astaberry offers a line of herbal depilatory creams that easily remove unwanted body hair and makes the skin silky smooth. These Hair remover creams comprise of pure ingredients with natural healing and soothing properties with reliable and effective Ayurvedic and Scientific preparation techniques. Astaberry Hair Remover creme gently removes hair from legs, arms and underarms and also delays regrowth. They leave the complexion feeling younger and revitalized.

    • Herbal depilatory creams that remove unwanted body hair and delays regrowth.
    • Makes skin smooth and silky.
    • Leave the complexion younger and revitalised.
    • Suitable for all Skin Types.

    Additional Information: Astaberry is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Ayurvedic skin care, Herbal cosmetics and Body care solutions and is a pioneer in the field of certified natural products. They offer a wide range of products both for the professional and the personal grooming segments and can be classified under Skin care, Body care, Hair care and Nutrispa range. All Astaberry products are enriched with the goodness of Ayurveda and blended with modern formulation & individual fragrances and are made with high quality organic ingredients from world class manufacturers.

    MRP: 75

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