Axe Signature Body Perfume Intense(122ml)

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Product Description
  • Charge yourself; get ready to make your presence felt. It's your life so have your own signature style with Axe Signature Intense Body Perfume. A fragrance that unlocks the senses with the subtle hint of woody extracts, vanilla and green hazelnut. It gives you long lasting all day freshness with a luscious aroma and revitalizing aura from the iconic perfumers of Axe. So get set to make a bold statement, tell the world you have arrived with Axe Signature Intense Body Perfume.

    Features & Benefits :

    • 3 times more perfume in every drop - long lasting body perfumes that don't fade away.
    • An enticing fragrance from the Signature Range of Axe that is extremely masculine & creates a blissful ambience for the energetic man.
    • Sensual & bold fragrance
    • This perfume gives off a heady & strong whiff. The sensual & bold aroma of this fragrance speaks volumes about your sophisticated choice & charismatic persona.
    • Has fresh & woody fragrance
    • You will definitely walk with panache when you dab the Axe Signature Intense Eau de Parfum, as it emanates a fresh & woody scent around.
    • Contains vanilla & green hazelnut
    • This intense Eau de Parfum is a timeless possession & endows you with a succulent aroma.
    • Long lasting body perfume
    • Get a refreshing feel all day as this perfume protects you from the bane of body odor.
    • Fragrances crafted by legendary perfumers behind global bestsellers.
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Axe Signature Body Perfume Intense