GUBB USA 4 Way Nail Buffer

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  • Quick and easy tool to shine your nails, make them look healthy and fresh with the GUBB USA 4 way nail buffer even on the go.

    • File perfect for getting your nails to your preferred shape. Square or rounded, this is the side to use to shape your nail.
    • Buff run this side along your entire nail to help buff away any ridges or peeling. Take care not to overdo it though, as excessive buffing can damage the nail.
    • Polish uses a finer buffer to help smooth down the new nail surface and reach any tiny imperfections missed by the buffing step.
    • Shine the final step works to leave a beautiful sheen on your nails so that they're ready for a slick of polish!

    Additional Information: GUBB USA, the international grooming range from "U", is a renowned name in the field of personal skin care items and brings quality products at affordable rates. Try GUBB USA 4 way nail buffer today and see the difference!

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