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10 beauty tricks ShaanMu swears by

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He’s an artist. No, he’s an entertainer. Larger than life, this cherubic, wiry makeup genius with a stylish haircut—a thin fringe over his ears and not much else—twinkling eyes and the cutest accent we’ve heard in while, is happiest when he’s talking makeup. Forty five Bollywood films with three mega releases this year, three Hollywood films, laugh-a-minute vlogger and the artist behind top fashion magazine covers like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to the biggest red carpets, Shaan Mutathil or Shaanmu as friends and fans call him, literally bubbles with excitement.  “Want to be a child for evaaaa,” he laughs, as he shares priceless beauty tips and tricks hacks. Listen carefully. If he can make Chitrangada Singh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Kriti Sanon and Nargis Fakhri look flawless, he has some pretty cool makeup tricks up his sleeve.
10 beauty tricks ShaanMu swears by - 1
It’s either eyes or lips. Never both. Smoky Eyes? Then opt for nude lips. Dark berry pout? Then just a hint of mascara and liner on the eyes, says Shaanmu. Never play up both eyes and lips. It’s an overdone, vampy look.
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If you’re wearing a dress that shows off skin, mix some of your foundation with sunscreen or body lotion and apply on your arms, legs and décolletage so that all of you looks a uniform color.
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Stop using primers! They aren’t meant for our hot, humid climate. If your have problematic skin, fix your diet. Avoid milk, sugar and oil. Drink lots of water, eat fresh fruit and veggies. Patchy skin? Religiously use a sunscreen in the a.m. and a clinically formulated day and night cream to even out your skin tone. 
10 beauty tricks ShaanMu swears by - 4
Never, ever overdo your makeup. It will end up as a hot, cakey mess. Always remember, ‘Less is More’.
10 beauty tricks ShaanMu swears by - 5
Say ‘No” to chemical hair straighteners. They weaken and thin strands, and generally ruin your hair quality.
10 beauty tricks ShaanMu swears by - 6
Big night out? Don’t condition your hair after you shampoo. Tongs, curlers and irons work best on just-shampooed hair that hasn’t been conditioned. Your style will last for hours. Promise!
10 beauty tricks ShaanMu swears by - 7
Late night and lots of drinking. Now your face and under-eyes look puffy. Easy remedy that the stars swear by! Wrap a few ice cubes in a soft cloth and massage in a circular motion on your face and eyes in bursts of 20 seconds.
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For glossy, healthy skin, drink lots of nimbu paani. Just lemon juice squeezed into water. No sugar and no salt.
10 beauty tricks ShaanMu swears by - 9
Your favorite lipstick isn’t long-stay?  Start by using concealer on lips. Apply lipstick as usual and blot. Dab translucent powder on and apply your last coat. Voila, the lipstick wonlt budge for hours!
10 beauty tricks ShaanMu swears by - 10
On just waxed—or shaved skin—apply some honey and rub a cube of ice for your softest, moisturized, irritation-free skin ever!
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