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10 commandments to wear bright lipstick

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I love bright and bold lipsticks. But to pull one off isn’t as easy as it looks. Some common problems most gals face: color fading unevenly, flaking lipstick, ugly smears, worries of looking tarty or just simply OTT. If you answered a resounding “Yes” to any of these problems, then it’s time to sharpen your bright lippie smarts with these ten never-fail rules. It’s time to get your bright lips game on.
1. Exfoliate
There is nothing worse than wearing a bright lipstick on chapped or flaky lips. The key to stopping lipstick from flaking is exfoliating your lips. You need a clean, smooth canvas to work with. A good scrub will exfoliate your lips, removing dead skin. Grab a wet wash cloth or a good lip exfoliator and scrub away that dead skin. A simple sugar and lemon juice scrub works just as well.
2. Moisturise
It’s important to keep your lips moisturised and hydrated at all times. This will keep your freshly scrubbed lips soft, hydrated and smooth, making for a smooth lipstick application. Apply lip balm overnight and whenever your pout starts feeling dry, but never just before wearing lipstick because the color won’t stick to your lips.
3. Choose the right shade
Wearing the wrong shade that doesn’t match your skin tone is a beauty’s worst nightmare. You don’t want to look OTT with a very bright hue that clashes with your skin tone. Neither do you want to look washed out like the walking dead. Every skin tone is different, and there’s no right or wrong shade per se. But here are some general guidelines to guide you.
Fair Skin Tone: Bright pinks, peachy pinks or deep reds will work well.
Medium Skin Tone:  You are lucky! Almost every shade looks lovely on your skin tone.  
Dark Skin Tone:  Dark lipstick shades look striking on dusky skin tones. Choose a deep berry, burgundy or wine shade. You could even choose a fuchsia pink color for maximum effect.
4. Apply a base
If you want your color pay off to last for hours, apply a base first. You could use your regular foundation or concealer to just buffed lips. This will create a clean slate to start with, plus it will allow your lipstick to stay on for long.
5. Line it
For many of us lip liners make for such as outdated look. Not so! In fact, it’s a savior for bright lipsticks and helps more precise application. Plus, it keeps your lipstick from straying.  The only rule you MUST follow to avoid look like a vamp from the ’80s: Choose a lip liner in a shade that matches or is lighter than your lipstick and fill in the borders with lipstick.
6. Start from the middle
Never start any lipstick application form the corners of your lips. Always start from the middle of your upper lips and blend it outward using a lip brush. The corners are narrower and starting from there will make the lipstick bleed.
7. Avoid staining your teeth
Lipstick on teeth is a totally avoidable look. Here’s a quick fix to avoid this faux pas: Close your mouth around your index finger and pull it out with a pop.  This will remove the excess lipstick form the inside of your lips that normally ends up getting on your teeth.
8. Apply, blot and re-apply
If you want the lipstick to last long after lunchtime, apply and blot with a tissue. Repeat till you’re happy with the coverage. Then cover your lips with a thin tissue paper and dab on some translucent powder. This will seal your lipstick.
9. Clean the sides
Use a clean tissue and wipe the excess form the outline of your lips. Then with a concealer and a flat brush redefine the lip line. This will not only give you a neat application but will also define your lips.
10. Balance the rest of your makeup
Once you have your statement lipstick on point, remember to keep the rest of your makeup minimalistic. Your bright lips are going to grab eyeballs so keep the focus on them. Either go incredibly minimal with a sheer foundation, mascara, and a brushed-up brow for day glam, or amp it up with smoky kohl for a dramatic evening look. Just make sure to bring balance to your look.
Comment below on how these tips worked for you. You can thank us later!
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