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Top 10 Natural Beauty Products We Love Right Now

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We’re going back to basics! Going au-naturel is the trendiest thing to do right now. Forget the times when herbal beauty meant a boring kajal stick. Today’s desirable herbal skin care & makeup ranges boast of the goodness of pure ingredients and the popularity of their chemical contemporaries. Check out the ten herbal beauty products that will reaffirm your belief in the organic way of life.
This has the word ‘PURE’ written all over it! Enriched with the goodness of Almond Oil and Magnolia, its benefit list doesn’t end. For starters, it conceals blemishes and fine lines. Plus, the fact that this herbal cream has SPF 20 is enough for us to brand it as a vanity kit first-pick. Swapping your foundation, already?
Available in a mind-boggling number of 43 shades, not finding your match is next to impossible. Vegetarian, preservative-free, and made from organic ingredients, this herbal lip color delivers way more than just its name! One swipe of color is all you need for luscious, hydrated lips that don’t lose their shine all-day long. Pucker up but organically!
Coming from the pioneer of Ayurvedic beauty, this makeup product doesn’t really need a rate-card. Enriched with the unique combination of precious herbs, flower extracts, and Almond Oil, this kajal from the House of Shahnaz soothes the eyes and promotes the growth of enviable eyelashes. When was the last time your kohl stick did that?
The word ‘miraculous’ is quite well-deserved here. This herbal night serum is the culmination of rare Ayurvedic ingredients like Saffron, extracts of the Banyan tree, and Sandalwood. A hundred percent natural hydrating serum with excellent anti-ageing properties, Kama Ayurveda raises the beauty bar once again.
Succumb to the au natural goodness of this VLCC face pack. Plus, keeping in mind the number of Indian women who complain of pigmentation, we’re not second-guessing this Ayurvedic beauty buy for sure! Enriched with Saffron extracts and Sunflower Oil, this improves complexion and renews skin cells for a brighter complexion. Result: smooth, soft and supple skin.
An innovative herbal formulation that’s all about skin whitening, this facewash reverses UV skin damage, leaving it cool and refreshed. So, while Saffron soothes sunburn, Turmeric fades away tanning and skin pigmentation. This herbal face wash can sure give its non-organic competitors a run for their money!
Imagine subjecting your hair to an ingredient so harsh, you could very well use it to wash dishes! Here’s your cue to rethink your haircare choices and opt for this revolutionary hair care shampoo. Cheers to a sulphate-free cleansing process that guarantees healthy, frizz-free tresses.
Don’t underestimate the efficiency of the new-age herbal hair oil’s selfie bottle; its packed with extracts of the Bringharaj or Keshraj herb, which literally translates to ‘King of Hair’. Brownie points for the intelligently designed bottle which aims at the maximum utilisation of every drop of oil. Beauty with brains we say!
Your companion for the night, this herbal oil packs in the goodness of Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Wheat Germ Oil. Before you turn in for the night swap your night cream with this highly nutritious body oil for skin repair while you sleep. The lingering fragrance of Sandalwood is an added bonus!
For an organic bathing experience, trust only Soulflower. The hero of this product, Tea Tree Essential Oil, is considered the strongest weapon of mankind against the likes of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Though a medicinal soap at heart, you’ll hardly think it’s one thanks to the minty aroma.
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