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10 reasons to set eyes on this kohl from Biotique

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Think of the hours, weeks, sometimes months that go into finding the right pair of jeans. It has to be the most tedious task e-v-e-r. Make-up junkies will disagree. For them, it’s all about the perfect black kohl. It’s even harder finding THE one. The pigment isn’t as dark as the tester, it won’t glide as efficiently, it’s not really smudge-free... In no time, you’re back to square one.
Your search ends now. Say hello to Biotique Bio Kajal For Magical Eyes in Supreme Black Enriched with Almond Oil, this herbal kohl is the creamiest, most intense formula in the market. It panders to all your whims without irritating your eyes or melting under the scorching heat. If anything, this eyeliner turns it up a notch by promoting eyelash growth. And that’s not even the most impressive part. Take a look at ten utilitarian hacks that puts this beauty on the pedestal.
Thick and thin of it
Why invest in two when one kajal can juggle two girths? What’s tapered and fine initially, gets thicker on continuous application, making thick-bold strokes that much easier. Then what about the finer definition, you may ask? Befriend that brush and get going.
Darken pigments
Had enough of your baby-pink lipstick? Or that sky-blue eyeshadow? Mix it up by blending a dash of black pigment. Play with the tones at the back of your palm. Can you wrap your brains around the countless shades you’ll be privy to? We sure can’t.
Sweat it out
These days, we keep our lips matte and lids glossy. For the just-out-of-the-gym vibe, smudge a blurry line across your eyelids and coat with Vaseline or petroleum jelly. So athleisure, so rad.
The secret
Underlining your lower waterline to open up your eyes is common knowledge. But what really does it, is highlighting your upper waterline. Do it before generously coating your lashes with mascara. Separate clumps with a safety pin and voila!
Frozen truth
Isn’t a crumbly eyeliner such a pet peeve? Can’t blame it either with our warm climes. Now don’t go trashing it off this easy. Let your kohl freeze by refrigerating it overnight. Doing so, binds the pigment once again. Who’d think?
Two-minute smokey
Draw a #hashtag on the outer corner of your eyelids. Blend, blend, blend till you’ve cracked the sultry-smokey finish. Just think of all that time wasted watching YouTube videos to master this look. Uh ho.
Define thyself
Two even winged (or cat) eyes in under two minutes is unheard of. But not impossible. Pick either one of these: a spoon, visiting card, clear tape or the end of a make-up wand. Place it diagonally at the outer corner of your lids. Go on and extend that outline as much as you’d like.
Gray talk
Pocket pinchers, ever had gray roots that are too soon to dye yet pretty visible? Smear kohl in your scalp and strands to put an end to the agony. It even spares you extra time and effort.
Tame it down
Oiling your baby hair leaves you with a greasy scalp. Alongside, not doing anything about frizzy flyaways is equally grueling to deal with. Mash kohl on your fingers before smoothening it out on your locks. It even matches your hair tint.
Fill brows
On a rainy day, when your brow kit has given way – turn to this hero. You either fill your arches with brown or gray shades. Dab the smallest speck of pigment at the back of your palm. Bind in brown or gray eyeshadow, blend and go.
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