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10 Spring-Summer Beauty Trends you need to know!

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The end of winter is always a fun time for us, because it is that time of the year when effervescent, gorgeous beauty trends bloom like beautiful flowers during spring time, thanks to the oh-so-fancy fashion weeks that bid adieu the dreary days of winter with haute couture and trendsetting beauty moments.
After closely stalking the Instagram handles of famous fashion and beauty giants, here is our list of trends that you absolutely need to keep up with.
Red Lips
Move over, berry lips- your hot cousin is back in town! Beauty gurus all over the world are redefining the red lip, coining the term ‘candy apple’ for a hot red pout.
Natural Glow
Genius Pat McGrath created a flawless glow using mostly neutral shades. What are you waiting for ladies? Gear up for the season by flooding your vanity kits with the most perfect makeup palette,  guaranteed to create the perfect faux glow!
Blue Eyeshadow
The '80s called. They want their eyeshadow back. The whole idea behind using this pop shade was to create a ‘little bit of chaos’
Loose, Natural Waves
We were rooting for this one! No hair style beats the charm of perfect, loose waves- be it for a laid back brunch or a night of debauchery with your best pals!
Tight-lined Liner
Time to brush up your eyeliner application skills, ladies as it is all about applying it exactly on the water and lash lines!
Bronzed Cheeks
Hold on to your favorite bronzers and NEVER let them go, because bronzed cheeks, contoured chin and fab brows are never going out of style
Peaches and Pink Eyeshadow
Imagine your blush and eyeshadow going hand in hand. Dreamy isn’t it? Time to practice what you imagined- add a peachy pink eyeshadow to your list of makeup must-haves this season ASAP!
Dramatic Lashes
Keep calm and lash on. Give you mascara a lil bit of rest and stock up on some fabulous falsies and finally take your eye makeup to the next level
Glitter Liner
Take your glam quotient up a notch by adding a super chic glitter eyeliner  to your list of favorite beauty products.
Ballerina Bun
Dainty chic is what defines an elegant ballerina bun. Ditch the messy buns, opt for a neat hair bun with just a few strands fanning your pretty face.
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