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20 ways to use Bio Oil (that you didn't know)

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20 ways to use Bio Oil (that you didn't know) - 1
It’s use as an anti-stretch mark formula is well known but did you know that Bio-Oil is a do-it-all skin saver that has countless uses? This non-clogging, natural blend of Calendula, Lavender, and Rosemary Oils, as well as Chamomile extract and Vitamins A and E does everything from fade dark spots and acne scars to moisturize. Check out these 20 little known benefits of Bio Oil use.

Check out these 20 little known benefits of Bio Oil use.

  1. Bye, bye blotchiness and uneven skin tone! One study showed 93% of people who applied Bio Oil daily showed a significant improvement in skin tone in just six weeks.
  2. Applying it on scars left after a breakout fades them over time.
  3. Thanks to the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, it’s a godsend for chronic dry skin; its forms a thin, non-greasy, protective layer over skin to prevent moisture loss.
  4. Bio Oil fades fine lines and wrinkles thanks to the combination of vitamins A and E that boosts cell turnover and nourishes deeper layers of skin.
  5. The combination of Calendula, Lavender and Rosemary oils, and Chamomile extract, makes it the perfect antidote to sunburn. Use on exposed skin after a day out in the sun.
  6. Works like a dream to prevent itchiness and burning after tattoo removal.
  7. Apply after a ear or nose piercing to prevent and treat flaking and infection.
  8. If you suffer from dark, crackled elbows and knees, apply Bio-Oil regularly to soften and lighten.
  9. Apply Bio-Oil to an over-treated pimple to soften and heal the spot painlessly.
  10. Rub Bio-Oil into dry and cracked heels daily to get smooth sandal-friendly feet.
  11. Apply Bio-Oil on a dried-out cold sore to soothe and repair skin.
  12. Peeling cuticles? No problem! Apply Bio-Oil on a Q Tip and rub into and around nails at bedtime for a week to see the difference.
  13. Just what you need to restore a glossy sheen to bare legs. 
  14. Stop itchy scalp woes in their tracks by massaging Bio Oil on your head.
  15. Find hair sprays too heavy? Rub a drop of Bio Oil between your palms and smooth over strands to tame pesky fly-aways.
  16. Long day at work? Soothe tired eyes by applying Bio-Oil under your eyes and massaging it gently to fade dark circles.
  17. If your skin is very dry, add a few drops of Bio-Oil to your bath, for silky soft moisturized skin.
  18. Apart for using Bio Oil for stretch marks, use it as a massage oil to relax and treat your skin to natural goodness.
  19. Mix a drop of Bio-Oil with your favorite bronzer for a sexy sheen.
  20. Apply Bio-Oil on strands before going for a swim to prevent discoloration from chlorine.
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