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25 Fat Busting Tips For Busy Women

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There’s more to being beautiful than wearing a killer shade of lipstick. Sure, the occasional facial, massage and hair spa can do wonders but inner and outer beauty need a little more. So what are the ten things that keep successful women of all ages thriving and on track? We spoke to enough women to know that whatever their age or stage in life, there were some lifestyle choices they all have in common.

Here’s how to lose fat effectively:

  1. 1. Switch Up Your Workout
  2. An hour on the treadmill daily but the love handles refuse to budge? It’s time to switch to interval training. What’s that? Sprint for 30 seconds, walk or jog for the next 30 seconds. Then repeat for the rest of your workout.
  3. 2. Eat Healthy (Most of The Time)
  4. Time to follow the 80/20 rule; eat clean (no white flour, sugar, processed food and additives) 80 percent of the time but do allow yourself some cheats for the remaining 20 percent.
  5. 3. Keep a Food Journal
  6. Mindful eating is the name of the game. Stop that absent-minded nibbling in front of the telly. In fact, a 2008 study found that tracking your eating habits can actually double your weight loss!
  7. 4. Make Friends with Your Blender
  8. And say hello to smoothies. Not creamy, sugary ones, but smoothies made from fiber-rich greens like spinach, mint, avocado, apples, beetroot and berries for a wallop of powerhouse nutrients first thing in the morning.
  9. 5. Cut Down on Carbs
  10. Dr. Atkins wasn't entirely wrong. Limiting your starch and carb intake by choosing protein and veggies over bread, rice, pasta, and other grains. There's enough evidence that suggests cutting down on carbs will help you lose weight quickly and reduce your risk of heart disease.
  11. 6. Take the Stairs
  12. Any chance you get. Walk while chatting on the phone. It's all those little bursts of exercise that add up, especially if you don't have the time to work out every day.
  13. 7. Pack Your Own Lunch (and Snacks)
  14. This way you won't end up ordering the most fattening food on a takeout menu when you're starving. Ideally you should be eating three main meals and two mini meals to keep your metabolism revved up.
  15. 8. Use Smaller Dishes
  16. Try it, it actually works! Serving meals on smaller, salad-sized plates or smaller bowls can trick your mind into thinking you've eaten more than you have. Remember, potion control equals a slimmer bod.
  17. 9. Hydrate Adequately
  18. Drinking a glass of water before each meal will stop you from overeating. Also, drinking enough aqua—up to ten glass a day—will mean you don't end up confusing thirst with hunger.
  19. 10. Chew Slowly
  20. Wolfing down your food means you keep eating long after you're full. Start your meal with a roughly chopped salad. This will force you to spend longer chewing, allowing your brain time to register that you're full.
  21. 11. No More (Endless) Snacking!
  22. The two mini meals should be no more than 100 calories each. This is equal to one apple, one banana or 30 pistas.
  23. 12. An Apple a Day Will…
  24. Curb your appetite and keep your feeling full for up to two hours. The soluble fiber in apples actually reduces the amount of sugar and calories you absorb after a meal. It will also stop blood sugars from crashing, making those jammy doughnuts less tempting.
  25. 13. Use Veggies Creatively
  26. Cauliflower risotto, zucchini noodles, cutlets made with shredded veggies and sweet potato, let your inner chef rejoice!
  27. 14. Fill Up On Protein
  28. If you're a non-vegetarian, try adding egg whites and skinless chicken or fish to every meal. Vegetarians should add lentils, low fat dairy, sprouts and beans to their diets. Proteins keep you full for longer so the weight loss will go easier.
  29. 15. Avoid Bread at Restaurants
  30. Avert your eyes from the bread basket on your table. Just one of those rolls with butter is equal to 100 calories. And your meal hasn't even arrived yet!
  31. 16. Sip Water
  32. When you're thirsty, sip water with lemon or iced, sugar-free green tea instead of sugary sodas, sangria and cappuccinos.
  33. 17. Never Skip Breakfast
  34. There are countless studies that demonstrate the relationship between skipping breakfast and piling on the pounds. So, remember to eat within an hour of waking up to kick-start your metabolism. Try and include protein in your first meal of the day; a glass of milk, yogurt or eggs.
  35. 18. Stand Any Chance You Get
  36. Get off your bottom! Even a couple of hours spent standing rather than sitting can boost your metabolism.
  37. 19. Make it Hot!
  38. Spicy food like bell peppers and chillies increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation by increasing the metabolism. So, sprinkle some more pepper!
  39. 20. Make Green Tea your Go-To
  40. Ditch calorie laden milky lattes for good. Try green tea instead. Not only will it kill hunger pangs but it will load you up with antioxidants too
  41. 21. Eat Right in the A.M.
  42. Your breakfast shouldn't be just a piece of toast or a glass of milk. Ideally it should contain 300 to 400 calories and be full or protein to keep you full till lunch. Think a three-egg white-veggie omelette with two toasts or a bowl of porridge and sprouts.
  43. 22. Get Plenty of Zzzs...
  44. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. Hunger hormones continue to work overtime if you burn the midnight oil. Result: you feel hungry even when you're not.
  45. 23. Be Realistic
  46. Five kilos in five days? Sure, in your dreams! Set healthy and realistic weight loss goals and write them down. The relationship between goal setting, committing it in writing and achieving success is well documented.
  47. 24. Use the Buddy System
  48. Hate working out alone? Get a friend involved with your workout plans. Then if you're lagging, your friend will nag you into keeping your commitments.
  49. 25. Add Garlic to Everything
  50. This is a fat-burning, metabolism-boosting food that also balance blood sugar levels, which in turn reduces energy highs and slumps.
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