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You know what’s the secret to a gorgeous complexion? Prevention! Stopping skin breakouts before they start is the only way to rock flawless skin every single day. But as any savvy Nykaa gal knows the pursuit of great skin never quite ends; skin that looks picture perfect one week can look ghastly the next. So, that’s why you need to promise right now to NEVER surrender in the fight against blemishes. Read on for our top twenty five tried and tested tips to get your clearest skin.

Tips to Prevent Skin Breakouts

1. Never go to bed with your makeup on: 

Like, never ever! Too tired to cleanse? Keep a pack of cleansing wipes like Natio Restore Mature Skin Delicate Cleansing Wipes by your bedside to prevent skin breakouts. While face wipes aren’t as effective as a real cleansing routine, but at least it’s better than sleeping with all that glop on your skin. 

2. Give your skin a break:

It’s not a myth, skin does need a chance to breathe and detox. So go foundation-free at least on the weekends or when you’re on holiday.

3. Change your pillowcase regularly:

As you toss and turn at night, your pillow case catches all the gunk, oil and product from your skin and hair. Go too many nights on the same pillowcase and you’ll have a full blown skin breakout!

4. Clean your makeup brushes:

Unwashed makeup brushes are the main reasons for acne on face. Soak them in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly at least once a week. Like anything that touches your face, brushes tend to pick up acne causing bacteria.

5. Wipe down your phone with disinfectant:

How often have you finished a call to discover a smudge of foundation on the screen? Use antibacterial Tempo Cleans Alcohol Free Wet Wipes on your phone regularly to stay spot-free on the side of your face that you hold it next to.

6. Drink water like your skin depends on it:

Proper hydration is crucial for good digestion and clear skin. Think of it as a miracle—inexpensive—cure for your skin.

7. Exercise every day:

Not just will it uplift your mood and keep you toned, but sweating regularly will release toxins from your skin and improve blood flow.

8. Get enough zzzs:

Beauty sleep isn’t a myth. Your skin needs time to regenerate and heal overnight, so pulling all-nighters just won’t cut it. Get at least eight hours every night to look your best.
Skin Breakouts- what causes pimples & acne

9. No popping, picking ever!

This is a deal breaker. Messing with pimples will lead to skin damage, inflammation, more pimples and scars. If you just HAVE to get a whitehead out, use two Q tips to gently squeeze it. Never use your fingers because they are a hot bed of bacteria.

10. Wear sunscreen daily:

Nothing ages skin faster than sun exposure. Besides using a formula with SPF 30 or more like Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Block SPF 30 PA++ or Cetaphil Daylong Light Gel - SPF 50 PA+++ prevents sun spots and scarring.

11. Stop touching your face:

Stroking your face absent mindedly is the best way to transfer oil, dirt and bacteria to your skin, all of which are a breeding ground of acne.

12. Shampoo your hair before washing your face:

It’s the easiest way to protect your skin from the pore clogging ingredients in conditioners.

13. Cleanse your glasses and sunglasses daily:

Anything that comes in contact with your face regularly need to be cleaned. Wipe down the bridge and frame so lingering bacteria doesn’t get transferred back to skin.

14. Toss expired makeup:

No matter how much you love that foundation or kajal, it’s best to trash products past their expiry. Expired cosmetics can result in product reformulation and bacterial buildup. The result: rashes, skin and eye infections.

15. Stop stressing!

Did you know that stress is one of the biggest causes of inflammation in the body, including acne? Find a de-stress method that works for you, whether it’s going for a run, dancing or having a relaxing massage.

16. Wash your face more any chance you get:

It’s no good waiting till bedtime to take off the day’s grime and sweat. Wash your face with a mild cleanser whenever it starts feeling sweaty, sticky or oily. This way bacteria doesn’t linger on your skin longer than necessary. Use Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash if you have oily skin and Lakme Youth Infinity Foaming Face Wash for normal-to-dry skin.

17. Wash your bangs daily:

A forehead hugging fringe is the single biggest culprit for forehead breakouts. So make sure you shampoo them daily or as soon as they start feeling greasy.

18. Exfoliate regularly:

That doesn’t mean you should scrub skin enthusiastically but a mild exfoliant will do wonders to keep skin smooth, glowing and clean. Sensitive skinned gals should limit sessions to once a week and oily skins can go up to three a week. When in doubt look for a scrub with tiny grains like St. Ives Radiant Skin Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub to prevent skin damage.

19. Use luke warm water to rinse:

Too cold and you risk broken blood vessels, and too hot dries out your skin. Finish up with cooler—not cold—water to close pores.

20. Never ignore skin breakouts:

Never neglect pimples and find a hardworking topical formula like Avène TriAcnéal to clear up a skin breakout. However, the best treatment is preventive so take care of your skin regularly.
causes of pimples on face

21. See your gynecologist:

If you’re breaking out despite doing everything right, it’s time to see the doctor. Fluctuating hormone levels can play havoc with skin. While more zits just before a period are normal, breakouts around the chin and cheek could indicate an underlying metabolic issue.

22. Load up on Omega-3s:

Good fats are the foundations for great skin and hair. They help retain moisture to keep skin looking luminous. Plus they do wonders to minimize the body’s inflammatory response. Get it from fatty fish, nuts, flax seeds or a supplement like Windmill Omega 3 EPA & DHA Fish Oil (90 soft gels).

23. Go natural:

If spot applications cause burning and dryness try using Tea Tree oil extract infused face washes like Aroma Treasures Tea Tree Face Wash. Better still dab on some Tea Tree essential oil (Soulflower Tea Tree Essential Oil) on spots. It’s as effective but far less harsh than Benzoyl Peroxide.

24. Avoid alcohol:

Using alcohol-based toners actually make acne worse. The squeaky clean feeling right after using them is super drying and causes reverse oiliness. Instead use a natural Rose Water, Aloe Vera or Witch Hazel infused toner to minimize pores and soothe skin. Nykaa suggests Natio Aromatherapy Rosewater And Chamomile Gentle Skin Toner.

25. Oily skins need moisture:

Contrary to what you’ve heard moisturizers are an essential part of the acne skin care routine. In fact, standard acne treatments dry skin out and you need a lightweight, oil-free non-comedogenic moisturizer. Look for ingredients like Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid and avoid formulas containing Cocoa Butter, Mineral Oil, or Cold Cream. We like Ananda Facial Moisturiser For Oily Skin.
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