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3 Hassle-Free, Rainy Day Hairstyles for Women

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Spent the better half of the morning straightening your hair and a minute in the drizzle is all it takes to ruin your handiwork? So, what’s a fashion-forward girl to do? When it’s raining cats and dogs, the wise thing to do is declare it an intelligent oh-so-chic-updo kinda day. This is not going to be a piece about boring top knots so don’t run for the mountains yet. Stick around for three fabulous, three-step monsoon hairstyles to save you on a pitter-patter day.
New-Age Cinderella
Rolled-up buns are a thing now, and don’t even ask how they effortless they are! Roll your eyes at the done-to-death messy bun and roll your tresses in a fairy-like bun.
1. Begin by giving your hair some character (read soft, gorgeous waves). Enter the Corioliss Style Stick Super Slim Curling Wand
2. Next up, bring your favorite elastic headband, the Pipa + Bella Crystal And Gold Hairband, out of the drawer. Place it right where you would place a crown. Oh, that’s how princesses do it!
3. Now take sections of your hair and tuck into the elastic. While a single tuck is enough for short strands, longer lengths will require you to go around the headband. Done with the entire mane? Now wait for your Prince Charming!
Short Is Sweet
Short-haired girls can now punch ’em in the face who say cropped hair means no style. An elegant three-step Italian bun awaits you, my love!
1. Gather your hair in a low ponytail and secure with the Elite Models ABC5119C Fashion Hair Elastic Band. Slide it down a little; ’tis not the time for a tight pony.
2. Now split the root of your ponytail on one side and flip the length into the gap. Easier done than said, so don’t freak out!
3. Time for those beloved bobby pins to make a spectacular entry. Go on, use as many as you like on either side. Finish off this monsoon-perfect hairstyle with the Wella Professionals EIMI Perfect Setting Light Setting Lotion Spray and walk into office looking all sophisticated.
Knot Me Pretty
No, we’re ‘knot’ talking about tangled, unmanageable hair. Who knew you could actually knot your locks up using three cute pigtails and still look every bit elegant!
1.  Part your hair in the middle using the end of the Hairpro HP 6059 Back Combing Brush / Teasing Brush. Make two separate pigtails on either side.
2. Now cross the two ponytails and make a regular knot. Take the two ends and tie an elastic to make a pigtail.
3. Flip the rest of the length underneath your last pigtail. Finish off this monsoon hairstyle with lots of Elite Models ABC5116A Fashion Bobby Pins - Black. Tadaa… pigtails galore!
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