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5 Beauty Lessons To Learn From Alia Bhatt

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Alia Bhatt best beauty look

The one face from the Hindi Film Industry that has become ubiquitous, peering at us from glossy editorials on magazine stands and beautifying 10 feet high hoardings lining the highways — is that of Alia Bhatt. The most sought-after star from the young breed of actors has unlocked a barrage of milestones in only her decade -long run at the movies! But today, I am not here to delve into Alia’s impressive body of work but rather into her best beauty moments that have taught me a thing or two. Alia's signature look makes a compelling case for the minimal beauty aesthetic — translating beautifully into red-carpet appearances, promotional events and from what little the world has seen, date night looks with her beau, RK. Donning an impeccable base that boasts a lit-from-within glow, a twinge of mascara complete with a nude hue on the lips — a tangible manifestation of the ‘less is more’ school of thought.

As a consumer and beauty editor who steers clear of layering too many products on the face, bold-hued palettes and heavy eye looks on the reg — Alia’s inspired Instagram posts have been a masterclass in minimalist beauty. From the superstar’s latest appearance at the MET Gala to the carousel of riveting snaps depicting her wedding, I have been fascinated by the renditions of her trademark glam. Ahead, I break down all the beauty lessons the millennial star has imparted to all of us during her career.

1. Healthy Skin >>>

Alia Bhatt MET Gala look

The glow emanating from healthy skin IS incomparable. Bhatt adheres to a result-oriented skincare regimen, which I picked up from her viral youtube video with her sister Shaheen. Taking a page from the actress's book — focussing on skin prep with a cleanser, serum and a hydrating moisturizer is vital for her signature effortless base.

Alia broke the gram last year when her talked-about wedding photos came to light. Bhatt donned a natural, radiant base with visible freckles that won the hearts of many. Instead of committing to full coverage, stick to topical application of concealer and foundation to mimic the actress’s minimal base. More recently, Alia opted for a dew-kissed base for her much-awaited MET Gala debut. This lit-from-within look can be recreated with a dewy finish highlighter and an illuminating foundation. P.S. use the highlighter on the apples of the cheeks, brow bone and the bridge of the nose, too.

2. No Faux, All Natural

Alia Bhatt Wedding Makeup

As opposed to faux lash extensions, the actress relies on a hint of mascara to accentuate her eyes. Teamed with a ‘barely there’ strobe of brownliner, Alia's eye makeup looks natural and easy to attain. If you want to recreate this beloved eye look —use a lash curler and follow it up with a coat of voluminous mascara.

3. Free Flowing Hair

Alia Bhatt Best Hairstyle

What I love the most about Alia’s beauty looks, is her free flowing hair with minimum styling. Whether it's tied up in a messy bun adorned with flowers for her Haldi function. Or falling carefree on her shoulders as seen in her wedding photos, the actress makes me want to ditch my straightener for good.

4. Pucker Perfection

Alia Bhatt Best Lipstick Shade

Unless she is working her movie magic on the big screens, Alia sticks to an array of nudes and neutrals for her pucker. The actress wore the iconic Charlotte Tilbury for her wedding to superstar Ranbir Kapoor. A quick scroll through her Instagram page tells me that the thespian also gravitates towards matte shades of coral!

5. Fill Brows, Where Necessary

Alia Bhatt NMAAC Makeup Look

Bhatt’s brows always look perfectly-arched, but never overdone. The trick is a nuanced use of a brow pencil to fill in the gaps, only where necessary. Once done, dabble a spool in brow gel and brush it out for the perfect, slightly bushy brows.

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