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5 Best Essential Oils To De-Stress

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De-stressing is certainly not easy. Spa sessions, short holidays, shopping sprees, you might have tried everything under the sun, and failed. Well now it’s time to try essential oils! These distilled oils relax your body mellifluously, slowly reducing your stress level and are pleasant and rejuvenating. Here are Nykaa’s five best de-stress essential oils you just have to try!

1. Aloe Veda Distil Aromatherapy Sweet Orange Essential Oil

This Sweet Orange enriched Essential Oil instantly uplifts mood and soothes your mind to relieve stress. It is refreshing and commonly used for anxiety treatment. Either add a few drops to your massage oil or use in a diffuser.

2. Soulflower Jasmine Aroma Massage Oil

The heavenly aroma of Jasmine and Vitamin E, enriched with Jojoba and Olive Oils reduces headaches, depression, fatigue and stress leading to total body relaxation. It also moisturizes and tones your skin, restoring its natural pH balance.

3. Aroma Magic Happiness Oil

This Rejuvenating Body Treatment Oil is a blend of naturally grown herbal ingredients processed in Whey and Sesame Oil. Jelly Leaf helps remove fatigue and alleviate muscle ache and pain, while Winter Cherry helps ease stress, build muscles and tone skin.

4. Kama Ayurveda Sugandhadi Rejuvenating Body Treatment Oil

The pungent aroma of the Nykaa Lemongrass pure essential oil makes it a favorite for massage. It offers purifying benefits for the skin and promotes a positive outlook.

5. Nykaa Naturals Essential Oil

Nykaa Naturals Essential Oil is here to soothe you inside out! Infused with essential oils of Tangerine, Lavender, Rose and Orange, this oil provides relief to your senses. Its pleasant aroma calms your mind in an instant and de-stresses your body completely.

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