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5 Consciously Curated Brands You Should Shop From Nykaa

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conscious products on Nykaa

A term that has been generating new - found excitement amongst the new generation of evolved- beauty consumers, is ‘conscious’. Although, loosely defined– ‘conscious’ is the umbrella term for brands or products which have established transparency with their consumer base (w.r.t formulations), forgo animal testing, use ethically sourced ingredients in their brew, are vegan and so forth. This endeavour is of paramount importance, as we as an industry tread the path of sustainability— which not only attempts to restore the balance in the environment. But also, equips the consumer with appropriate knowledge, further reinforcing their right to make informed beauty decisions.

On that note, if you gravitate towards conscious products or want to switch up your regimen to accommodate more thoughtfully-crafted brands— we are bringing you the best of the lot. Ahead, a cheatsheet for consciously curated products from Nykaa’s Cross-Border Store that you must shop!

best clean facewash-cure natural aqua gel

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

From ‘The Land Of The Rising Sun', our first conscious pick is brought to you exclusively by the Cross-Border Store. The trusted brand, Cure, has represented Japan at the World Branding Awards- 4 years in a row and won. Needless to say, a testimony to the infallibility of the brand. The natural aqua gel featuring Ginkgo Biloba, by this line, helps restore moisture to the skin. The aloe extracts help put an invisible film on the dermis to prevent water loss whilst fortifying cell turnover. Activated hydrogen water in the formula is a powerful antioxidant and fights off damage caused due to external aggressors. The potent formula also serves as a gentle exfoliator –exterminates the old, hardened layer of keratin on the dermis to reveal a layer of fresh, bright skin.

best vegan lip tint- amuse dew

AMUSE Dew Tint - Sunday

Contrary to popular belief, conscious products don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Take for example, the beautiful dew tint by Seoul-based beauty brand AMUSE which sits at ₹1790. Available in 12 different shades, the gloss delivers your lips a glossy finish atop a very natural flush of colour. Boasting a triple structure of water-oil-water, the non-greasy formula blends beautifully, refusing to budge! It’s an out-and-out vegan offering featuring mango and apple extracts to help keep the lips nourished and moisturised.

sunscreen stick for oily skin- AHC Natural Protection Double Shield Sun Stick

APRICOT Forehead Pad With Hyaluron Fantastic Forehead Reusable

Who likes instant gratification? We beyond any doubt, do! With love from Germany, the Apricot Forehead Pads relieve the forehead of pesky worry lines. The pads are doused in highly effective HA acid and have been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles.
Crafted from 100% silicone, adding to the overall appeal of the product is the reusability factor, no less than 30 times. The product is vegan and hence a must-try for those looking to switch up their regimen.

Best natural-finish foundation-naturaglace skin treatment foundation

naturaglace Skin Treatment Foundation

A conscious base pick that works its magic like a second skin— naturaglace skin treatment gives you a lit-from-within glow. This potent formulation achieves the above by ensuring a deep level of hydration and drawing out the skin’s latent lustre. We are in love with hybrid products that not only give us the perfect foundation for the rest of our makeup but also promote skin health. Free of parabens, synthetic fragrances and mineral oil, this superior formulation also guards your skin against detrimental UV traditions. A fitting fix for your summer needs, grab now from Nykaa’s Cross-Border Store.

best anti-ageing serum

MIELEV La Eclaircie Serum

The Fountain Of Youth, bottled and shipped from Greece is now available on the CBS store as MIELEV La Eclairice! Powered with black truffle extracts, aloe vera and prebiotics this potent serum helps improve the skin’s elasticity, firmness and also dwindles the appearance of wrinkles. The formulation, featuring the hydrophilic HA also aids in restoring moisture to the skin, giving it a supple and buoyant feel.

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