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Go Green With 15 Best Eco-Friendly Roll-On Deodorants

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Believe it or not but anthropologists believe that body odour is our oldest defence mechanism! Before fire and weapons our cavemen forefathers kept predators at bay with nothing but body smell. However, that’s no excuse to smell up a storm today. While deodorants have been around for a while, there’s a growing concern about their ozone depleting side effects. Enter roll on deodorants, the mess-free long lasting way to keep smelling nice without harming the environment.

Here are 15 eco-friendly roll-on deodorants for women:

Nivea Fresh Natural Anti Perspirant Roll-On Deodorant
Tired of ending up with white marks on your blouse? Nivea’s roll-on deodorant ensures no stains, no wastage and a new formula enriched with ocean extracts that leave your pits feeling clean and odour-free for as long as 24 hours. Its effective, gas-free formulation releases fragrance when you need it the most.
Sol de Janeiro ditched aluminium in this formulation for a safer option to use on your skin. According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, excess skin exposure to aluminium is interlinked with dementia and other health concerns. The deodorant is infused with high quality natural ingredients such as coconut oil, papaya extract, and tapioca scratch that heals, revives and refreshes armpits. What’s more, it moisturises and leaves a lingering fragrance.
Sol de Janeiro Rio Deo Aluminum-free Deodorant
TNW The Natural Wash Underarm Roll-On Long-Lasting Freshness
Use this roll on deodorant after a shower or anywhere on-the-go. Just squeeze to apply the product directly to the armpits in a circular motion. Its intense, creamy formula lasts three times longer than normal deos and leaves a lasting scent all day. TNW’s natural formula screams awesomeness in a tube!
If dermatologically-tested and clinically proven mean a thing or two for you, this roll-on deo is just for you. Not only is it free from alcohol, preservatives and added colour, it works overtime by lasting you all of 48 hours. According to a study by Dirk W Lachenmeier, topical application of alcohol is associated with skin irritation, dermatitis, and more – only wise to steer clear of the ingredient for intimate care products.
Rexona Aloe Vera Underarm Odour Protection Roll On
L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Roll On Eau De Toilette Intense
This is an antiperspirant roll-on deodorant with delicate cherry extracts. Fresh off the tree from the Luberon region of Southern France, it’s known to change colour every season – white in spring, bright red in summer and pastel green in autumn. With its handy size, delicate rolling ball and exotic scent, you can now carry it in your handbag to smell like exotic cherries all-day long.
Use this aluminium-free and baking soda devoid deodorant stick for feel-good freshness all day! The superior formulation by Mario Badescu is infused with botanicals like cleansing sage, cucumber, and ginger root oils that neutralise the odour while nourishing your skin.
Mario Badescu Aluminium-Free Deodorant
Bella Vita Organic DeoWhite Under Arm Skin Whitening Natural Roll On Deodorant Stick for Women
This natural deodorant by Bella Vita boasts ingredients like cucumber, coconut oil, and essential oils for curbing excess perspiration while neutralising the foul scent. It gives you long-lasting resistance against sweat and ensures a smooth, single tone complexion in the armpit region. Grab this popular offering from Nykaa’s Conscious edit today.
The best of both worlds – natural ingredients in a sweat-resistant deodorant without compromising on effectiveness is what Caudalie Vinofresh guarantees. The heart of this formulation is organic grape water that hydrates the underarms while leaving behind a soothing effect. Boasting a staggering rating of 4.5 on Nykaa, this alcohol-free and aluminium-devoid offering is up for grabs now.
Caudalie Vinofresh Natural Stick Deodorant
WishCare Aqua Fresh Under Arm Roll On Serum With 5% AHA & 3% Kojic Acid
This one-of-a-kind brew by WishCare works on multiple fronts while granting the skin a mild aqua fragrance, hence deemed a unisex offering. It carries humectant hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, AHA for exfoliation, and kojic acid for reducing episodes of pigmentation. Use it after thoroughly cleaning your underarms by swiping the stick upwards (2 to 3 times) and say hello to soft, fresh skin.
The fragrance of this Carmesi Natural Roll-on will instantly teleport you to a garden full of flowers! Non-sticky and non-toxic, this formulation delivers a big boost of hydration to the skin while alleviating pigmented spots or patches. Available for only INR 249, the deodorant forgoes usage of aluminium and alcohol.
Carmesi Natural Deodorant Roll-on for Women - 95% Natural - No Aluminium
Indus Valley Natural Lemongrass Long Lasting Deodorant
This skin-friendly offering by Indus Valley is 100% free from paraben and aluminium. It gives 12 hours odour production and is deemed fit for daily use. The heart of this deodorant is aloe vera and lemon grass, a duo that ensure a mild, lingering scent throughout the day.
This aluminium-free, non-greasy and rich-smelling deodorant will keep you fresh for 48 hours. One of the bestsellers from Plum BodyLovin’, the heart of this brew is green tree extracts, which help promote a healthy skin microbiome. Moreover, the infallible duo of lactic acid and niacinamide helps ensure a single tone complexion while reducing pigmented spots.
Plum BodyLovin' Vanilla Vibes Deodorant Roll-On Controls Underarm Odor
Chemist at Play Underarm Roll On
The ceramide-based concoct ensures water retention into the skin while neutralising traces of foul smell. Infused with AHAs, this Chemist at play bestseller, exfoliates dead skin, promotes healthy regeneration of cells, and targets pigmentation. Grab it now for soft and clear underarms.
The Be Bodywise Fragrance Free Underarm neutralises odour, combats pigmentation, and corects uneven skin tone. It doesn’t lead to abrupt episodes of irritation or inflammation and has been deemed fit for all skin types, including sensitive. Grab this formula on nykaa.com only for INR 349!
Be Bodywise 4% AHA BHA Fragrance Free Underarm Roll On
TAC - The Ayurveda Co. Rose & Alove Underarm Roll-On
Count on this Ayurvedic formula by TAC to give you long-lasting freshness. The all vegetarian and paraben-free offering is enriched with an array of botanicals which revive your skin’s texture and leave a cooling effect while upholding the skin’s natural pH.
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