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5 Fab Falsies for Every Eye Shape

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Only a false friend would let you make a falsie faux-pas, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Nail that eye-catching gaze with our definitive list of the best loved lashes for every look and eye-shape.
5 Fab Falsies for Every Eye Shape - 1
Best for Deep-Set Eyes
Go out on the town with these va va voom, full-volume falsies. Delicate but dramatic, they can be customized to give you a more natural look, or exaggerated for the after-hours with a little mascara. A thin lash-band and lightweight natural hair make for seamless application.
5 Fab Falsies for Every Eye Shape - 2
Best for Round Eyes
Need a wink of confidence at the workplace? Get a flutter au naturale with these wispy, winged lashes. These are reusable, easy to apply and super-appropriate for everyday wear. What’s best? No one will know you’re falsie-ing it!
5 Fab Falsies for Every Eye Shape - 3
Best for Hooded Eyes
The longest of all our style, these lashes are designed for lash lovers who like a more dramatic, doe-eyed look. Double stacked to perfection, they will bring extra volume and breath-taking elongation that will sublime any smoky eye or bold liner.
5 Fab Falsies for Every Eye Shape - 4
Best for Mono-Lid Eyes
Sparse, fluffy lashes with varying lengths lend themselves well to smaller lids, enlarging and enhancing your eyes without looking too stark. They come with a water-based, latex-free acrylic adhesive that’s gentle on the lid. Don’t blink twice about wearing these to Sunday brunch!
5 Fab Falsies for Every Eye Shape - 5
Best for Almond-Shaped Eyes
These natural volume, crisscrossed lashes will make hearts flutter with an eye flutter. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, have small or large blinkers, this pair will suit you like they grew on themselves. Super comfortable and easy to set, take these out to date night.
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