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5 Fabulous Reasons To Bag The All-New Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel

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Imagine this: you’re running late for a catch-up with your girls. You’re all dressed and your makeup is done, you reach out to pick up your keys to leave your house and see chipped paint on your nails. We’re positive you’ve been in a situation like this before, because we definitely have, and boy, it’s a sad spot to be in. Unfortunately having amazingly manicured nails all the time is close to impossible. Instead, we need a solution that lets us switch colours on whim and a formula that dries off instantly without any smudges. Bonus points for nail paints that are toxin-free and actually care for your nails.

Enter the all-new range of Nykaa Insta Dry Nail Enamel. We’ve actually tried and tested these super quick-drying nail colours and here are all the reasons we’re getting all its shades. Move over high-maintenance manicures, it’s time to try Insta Dry!

Reason 1: It dries off in a flash

The bottle says it takes the paint to dry off in about 60 seconds without smudging, and when we tried to stroke the paint after a minute, it was as hard as gel nails! The impressive four-times-faster drying formula gave us no time to ruin our paints with an accidental smudge or a brush of our hair.

Reason 2: It offers flawless, even coverage

When we hear ‘quick-dry’ or ‘instant gloss’, there’s always the fear of a compromise on the pigment or formula. But we’re genuinely impressed by the superior colour performance. Just one coat of this glossy paint and we’re good to go.

Reason 3: It is long-lasting

It stayed on without a crack or a chip for six days. The paints are shock and chip resistant with hexanal (a nail hardening ingredient) and bio-ceramics that are rich in calcium and magnesium that not only strengthen your nails but also extend the wear time.

Reason 4: It is hand-sanitiser resistant

Yes, there is finally a nail formula that won’t break down with the regular use of an alcohol-based sanitiser. The Insta Dry formula contains unique preserving polymers that effectively protects the coat of paint with a safeguarding film.

Reason 5: It comes in 28 amazing shades

You’ll find everything in the palette from nudes, pastels, muted pastels, bright shades, stunning pinks and even a set of experimental hues. Personally, we can’t get enough of the pretty muted pastels and the deep and unique experimental shades.

Bonus Reason: Each bottle is priced at just ₹199! For so many good things packed in a bottle, it’s mighty affordable.

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