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5 Fun & Frightening Makeup Looks for Halloween

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5 Fun & Frightening Makeup Looks for Halloween

The Halloween craze is catching up in India, and I’m here for it – any excuse to unleash my kookiness veiled with an aesthetic act. However, with a penchant for procrastination, I caught myself scrambling for a last-minute costume again this year. Oh, well. After spending an eternity on the web for some inspiration, I finally arrived at the eye-opening conclusion. Why put together a whole ensemble when I can use my flair for makeup to channel any character?

A bold liner flick like everyone’s favourite feline or a red lip coupled with intense highlighter action to give off ‘ I am a vampire straight out of Twilight vibes’ – the options for Halloween makeup are endless and also convenient. So if you are in the same boat, scouting the internet for easy Halloween get-ups, here’s a list of my favourite, easy-to-create spooky makeup looks. Only treats, no tricks here! So, what are you waiting for? Whip out that makeup bag and get practising for the grand finale. These looks are bound to turn many heads at your nearest Halloween house party.

Morticia Addams

All hail the goth queen, Morticia Addams – one of the most iconic pop culture characters, Morticia has been portrayed by a series of talented actors. However, Catherine Zeta Jones’ take on the role in Netflix’s Wednesday is a forever favourite.

Transformation: Bust out your heating appliance to perfect the poker-straight hair associated with the Addams family matriarch. For the glam look, a swipe of plump on the lips and softly smoked-out eyes will realise your vision. Bring out the witty Morticia quips to channel your dark and spooky side!

Team Cassie or Maddy?

If you want to exude Gen-Z baddie vibes, turn to Euphoria’s Maddy for inspiration. High on drama and glamour, this look from the HBO show is meant for the books.

Transformation: To recreate Maddy’s evocative glam, use an aqua-green eyeshadow to sketch a deep cat eye. If your hand is a little shaky, I recommend sticking a cello tape from the outer edge of the eye towards the temple. Now, follow this faux contour and fill in the green. Once through, outline your eyeshadow with closely placed rhinestones. Bring in the sass to complete your Maddy makeover.

Hiya, Barbie

An effervescent, fun, and feminine look – transform into a real-life Barbie and dance the night away! The cultural phenomenon in the form of Greta Gerwig’s release gave the world an array of these uber-romantic, pink-hued looks. And this full face of glam on Margot Robbie happens to be top-notch.

Start with skin prep – use a hydrating moisturiser to attain a flawless glow that healthy skin radiates. Next, blot some primer for an impeccable base and follow it with a dewy or illuminating foundation. Use a shade of pink on the lips and the apples of the cheeks (generously) to create a monochromatic look. For the final touches, use a sprinkling of your highlighter powder and voila! Don an on-brand snazzy outfit and complete with a Barbie accessory – a handbag or maybe a hairdryer?


Straight from the beauty archives, this bold look donned by Anne Hatheway as Catwoman lives in my head rent-free. Equal parts bold and sensual, this look is bound to create an indelible impression on those around you.

Transformation: Start by combing back your hair and securing it with a hair band. Now, if you have a mask, nothing like it. Otherwise, I recommend going for a bold flick using liquid eyeliner. Next, lengthen and curl your lashes with a potent mascara to add immense depth and definition to your gaze. Complete the look with a striking bold red lip, and don’t forget to add those kitty ears.


Halloween is incomplete without a few shudders and screams. Transform into the unhinged clown Pennywise and rattle your loved ones out of their wits! While there are several renditions of this legendary look, we stick to the basics in the interest of recreating at home.

Transformation: If you are feeling a bit whimsical, start by painting your face white (or not). Follow it with a deliciously dangerous crimson (preferably a liquid lipstick) to colour your pout. Join the edges of your lips to the centre of your lower lash line with a contour using the same colour. Once done, protrude the red stream on the other side of the eye only to culminate in a point. Use the same red lippy to stain the tip of your nose only to extend towards the edges. Next, cover the lids with a black liquid liner and smudge it instantly with a beauty blender. Repeat the process underneath your lashes and to create the illusion of deep, darkened hollows.

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