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5 Globally-Loved Skincare Products To Combat Winter Dryness

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It’s crucial to give your skin some extra attention, especially during winter. The sudden temperature drop can be ruthless on your skin. Your best defense against the weather is to keep your winter skincare routine updated—we’re talking barrier-fortifying, skin-loving ingredients that promise to shield your skin from the cold. Without further ado, we’ve listed six powerful formulas from our Global Store that are designed to keep your skin happy and hydrated throughout the cold snap.

winter care for skin - DR. BARBARA STURM - HYALURONIC SERUM

1. Dr. Barbara Sturm - Hyaluronic Serum

One of her most popular offerings, this hyaluronic acid serum by the legendary skin therapist Dr Barbara Sturm is powered with sodium hyaluronate (a soluble derived from hyaluronic acid) and purslane ( an anti-ageing powerhouse) that help the skin stay young, healthy, and hydrated—especially during the colder months. Barbara Strum recommends waiting 30 seconds and following it up with a moisturiser.

2. Elemis Pro-collagen Marine Cream Spf 30

This award-winning collagen cream is highly hydrating, formulated with powerful marine and plant actives to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hero ingredients include ginkgo biloba (known to protect skin against free radicals) and padina pavonica (Mediterranean brown algae). Take a few drops, warm it between your palms and massage it into the face and neck every morning after your serum.

winter care for skin - ELEMIS PRO-COLLAGEN MARINE CREAM SPF 30
winter care for skin  - RODIAL RETINOL 10% BOOSTER DROPS

3. Rodial Retinol 10% Booster Drops

Rodial's Booster Drops are great for winter if you’re looking to fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation. This highly concentrated, single ingredient serum is supercharged with a 10% retinol complex that increases cell turnover while stimulating collagen and elastin production for a more youthful-looking complexion. Retinol is a strong ingredient, so make sure you don’t use it every day. Consult a dermatologist to confirm the frequency of usage.

4. Yensa Beauty CBD Superfood Face Oil

Charged with eight super oils and CBD, this elixir by Yensa Beauty provides a rich dose of antioxidants and omega-rich benefits to your skin. It nourishes, cleanses and eradicates impurities without stripping the skin. Thanks to CBD present in the product, the face oil can help treat irritation, acne and clogged pores. Oh, it also doubles up as makeup remover.

winter care for skin - HUXLEY OIL ESSENCE

5. Huxley Oil Essence - Essence Like, Oil Like

Beneficial for those with tired and stressed skin, turn to this formula for a rich boost of antioxidants for your skin. This lightweight delivers nourished and refreshed skin without any greasy or sticky residue. Made with prickly pear seed oil and cactus, this lightweight il and essence deliver antioxidant ingredients for energized, revitalized skin.

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