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5 Luxury Formulas To Elevate Your Mood

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Feeling better has now become a constant need of the hour. With everything happening around us, we’re frequently zoning out of work, feeling low and blue, frustrated and helpless. And every new day, we wake up searching for a different mood booster that will help us a little better. For some, like me, desserts and soothing drinks used to do the trick. But gone are the days when a cup of chamomile tea would snap us out of it, and a croissant every day is definitely not a sustainable option either. Music always helps and so does good company, but we also need aromatic concoctions that will instantly put us in a better mood. This month, we’re leaning on these fabulous luxury formulas, that smell great, make us feel restful, serene and pamper us promptly.

Quick boosters to get us powering through the day.

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1. Forest Essentials Room Surround Spray - Cochin Lemongrass

There’s nothing better than purifying your surroundings with the entrancing aromas of nature. This one’s a personal favourite – Cochin lemongrass somehow reminds me of lush forests, beautiful backwaters and serenity at its purest. Spray this around you to ease your mind, it will help you distance yourself from negativity and gloominess.

2. Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Sky Body Mist

Deep dive into a fantasy land with the sensual, magical and freeing essence of love and joy by Salvatore Ferragamo. This blissful body mist will remind you of plums, peaches, lilies, jasmines, peonies, and warm notes of sandalwood, all merged in a bottle spreading positive energy. Keep it close when you work, one spray on your skin will sooth your temper and transport you to your happy place.

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3. L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil

Imagine stepping into the shower after a long, hard day’s work. You let the warm water wash away your stress and massage this miracle oil onto your skin, making it plump, soft and relaxed. The sweet smell of almonds will leave you memories of a happy spa day. Best part: the tender, mouth-watering smell will linger on your skin for hours, making you refreshed and tranquil.

4. PIXI DetoxifEYE Patches

Your stress is the most visible right under your eyes. Raise your hand if you crave a nice stress-busting, hydrating and cool formula that will pull away the tiredness and puffiness from your under-eyes every night. If yes, sit back and let the goodness of gold, coconuts and cucumbers revive your eyes after a taxing day of staring at numerous screens. P.S. you can refrigerate the patches too!

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5. LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask - Lavender

A good night’s sleep makes a whole lot of difference to your mental health and also your skin. Laneige has decoded the essence of a good night’s sleep with lavender scented ‘sleep-tox’ that nourishes and hydrates your skin overnight. The calming and comfortable mix of floral fragrances will help you unwind, all the while catering to your tired skin.

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