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5 Mythology stars we’re crushing over

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Imagine the 90s when your entire khandaan gathered in front of the black and white telly to pore over that much awaited weekly screening of Ramayana. The oohs and aahs as arrows flew faster than the bullet train. The back ground score built to a crescendo as pot-bellied men with scary moustaches and jiggling flab played Hansel. Cut to 2016. Your TV screen can’t get enough of the new age mythological stars, who are every bit drool-worthy as they are seriously desirable.  With well-chiselled physiques and a sexy spunk, these actors are worth every shade of grey, and then some more!
5 Mythology stars were crushing over - 1
As Ram in Siya Ke Ram, Ashish is every bit that enigmatic character he portrays on screen. Handsome and brooding with six pack abs to match. Enough to give a Mills and Boon talk-dark-handsome protagonist a run for his money! *Fangirl moment*
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Depicting Karna in mythological series Suryaputra Karna can never be an easy task, but trust Gautam Rode to do this effortlessly. Impeccable acting skills and Grecian looks to match. A man in a golden armour never looked so appealing!
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This television actor has us hooked right from the time he played Lord Shiva in mythological drama Mahadev. One of the sexiest actors to scorch our TV screens, Mohit has our back and we surely can’t wait to see him in and as Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.
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This TV heartthrob has hooked us to epic drama Mahabharata in ways our grandmas would never have imagined. That charming face, those twinkling eyes….we’re weak at the knees!
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The latest actor to join the mythological bandwagon, Nirbhay Wadhwa is a model turned TV actor who first strode onscreen in Mahabharata and now captures hearts with his riveting portrayal of Lord Hanuman in mythological drama Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman.  Suave and chic, we simply can’t get over him!
So now you know what to do on a lazy day. Next time you switch on your telly, don’t gives these Gods a miss.
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