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5 new makeup trends you need to know now!

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Okay, so summer's officially over. The cooler weather will bring some fresh makeup looks, and if you're wondering how to update your makeup bag this season, wait no more! We spotted the five trends listed here on runways and famous faces on the red carpet.

Check out the latest on five new makeup looks worth knowing, from broody lips to glitter eyes.

1. Vampy Lips

best makeup looks- vampy
If you're the fluffy pink kinda girl, wake up!   The biggest makeup trend this fall is dark, dark lips. Sure oxblood and berry has been there for a while but the colors this season are darker, brooding, more purple instead of reddish. The finish? Creamy, not matte or glossy. If this is the lip look you want, don't bother wearing blush. Just pair with darkened, well-shaped brows. Liner optional.   

2. Glitter Eyeshadow

glitter eye makeup
Unsurprisingly glitter continues to reign this festive season. Not the fairy dust kind but the in-your-face glitter dusted over brows, on cheekbones and even brows. You can choose to go the whole hog and muss it up around the eyes or stay restrained with just a hint of sparkle at the inner corners of your eyes. Such a pretty look with long lashes, peachy lip gloss and matching eyeshadow. We're in love!

3. Smudged Back Liner

smudged eyes look
If you love liner, ditch all those colored versions and get back-to-basic black. Go graphic and defined or go smudgy for the just ‘rolled out of bed’ look. You could also try the black liner under the eye look for a reverse smoky look. Keep your lashes natural, cheeks soft and flushed and a peachy lip. Sizzling!

4. Brights

best makeup looks- brights
If you though bright makeup was a summer fling, think again! Let your mood lead you. Make a splash on lips, eyes or even nails. Take your pick from a rainbow array of brights from magenta and orange to electric blue and peacock green, the brighter the better. If you're going with a vivid lip then keep the rest of your face muted; soft brows and a flushed cheeks. It's easier to brighten up your eyes. Use a vivid liner or just a playful V flick on the outer corners paired with a deeper lip color.

5. Glowing Skin

best makeup looks- glowing skin
Thank the heavens all that extreme strobing and contouring is behind us. We're back to skin that looks like, well, skin. Go with a dewy, soft complexion, rosy flushed cheeks and subtle, shimmery highlights that bounce off light. This brings us to the miracle product to own this season. The Illuminator! Just what you need to bring a delicate contour and soft sparkle to your face. Complete the look with a graphic black liner. We're swooning!
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