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5 Products From Nykaa’ s Cross-Border Store To Give Your Vanity A Barbiecore Makeover

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barbie core makeup

The excitement around Barbie has reached a fever pitch— with the grand release of the Greta Gerwig helmed production only a few moons away! And in the spirit of this pop culture phenomenon, we at the Cross-Border Store, are proposing an-all pink makeover for your vanity. That’s right, from sheer glosses to jewel glitter topping, scroll further for all the pink-hued offerings that you ought to grab from Nykaa.

Dotted Zebra Pink Frenzy Peel Off Sparkle Mask

Price: INR 2270

Now, a Malibu Dream House like Barbie’s seems like a long shot, but great skin doesn’t have to be! Grab this Pink Frenzy Peel-Off Mask with a dash of sparkle for vibrant, glowing skin. Brought to you exclusively by the Cross-Border Store from the 'Land Down Under' —the formulation is crammed with the humectant Hyaluronic Acid. This widely popular active ingredient administers an adequate dose of hydration to the skin, resulting in its soft, blemish-free appearance. Also, featured in the blend is the infallible trifecta of Vitamin E, B and C, which reverses ageing, removes discolouration and promotes a healthy skin microbiome. So what are you waiting for? Get this one-of-a-kind offering for a Barbie-style pyjama party with your girlies.

Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask - Pink

Price: INR 5950

The ultra successful Barbie wouldn’t be able to don so many hats—sans her beauty sleep. Cue to take a page from her book and get your fair share of shut eye with the Pure Silk Sleep Mask for Slip. As the name suggests, the mask has been crafted from 100% silk with an inner lining to shield your eyes from menacing glare or light.

I'M SORRY FOR MY SKIN Brightening Hydrogel Eye Patch

Price: INR 2380

We are sorry (not sorry) for the darkened hollows fading, which formerly sat underneath the eyes! All thanks to the Brightening Hydrogel Eye Patch, doused in buckthorn extract. Furthermore, these (pretty and pink) eye patches are composed of adenosine and collagen which aids in alleviating puffiness and dwindling discolouration. Just slap these half moons gel films under your eyes for a quarter of an hour, tops! No short of a wonder, this incredible offering from the Land Of The Morning Calm should feature in your vanity all year round.

AMUSE Chou Velvet - Jadu

Price: INR 1800

An easy, breezy way to jump on the Barbie core trend bandwagon? Invest in a delicious, pink-hued lip tint! Bringing forth a combination of infallible formulation and a beautiful colour payoff is the AMUSE Chou Velvet! It glides effortlessly, much like the decadent dessert filling, choux cream and fills in the creases on the lip (thanks to the presence of elastomer gel’s blurring effect). The texture of this adherent velvety tint is luxurious, lightweight and fuzzy on the outside. Crafted with patented aqua ceramide technology and permeating HA, this nifty li’l tube optimises lip health by administering ample hydration.

I'M MEME Jewel Topping Glitter Duo - 01 Rose

Price: INR 1870

This Barbie is a maximalist queen at heart! Big relate? Well, you are in for a treat. If you fancy serving OTT glam at soirees, add the I’ M MEME Jewel Topping Glitter Duo in the shade Rose to your vanity. Created in South Korea— this palette fits the palm of your hand and boasts two high-performance glitter shades in varying sizes. What we love the most about this palette is no fallout from the application. You can easily smear it on the lids and live out your Barbie dreams! With the other Barbies and Kens, iykyk!

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