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5 Questions For The NFBA 2017 Jury

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5 Questions For The NFBA 2017 Jury - 1
Shilpa Shetty – Bollywood Actress
1. How do you feel being on the NFBA juror panel?  
I am so excited! I’m a self-proclaimed beauty junkie and this experience has been so much fun! I love experimenting and trying out new products and that is exactly what I did here.
2. What is your take on natural ingredients and organic products?  
I swear by them! I’m a holistic makeup and beauty enthusiast and I’ve always believed nature is the best medicine. Coconut Oil and Sandalwood Essence are two products I can’t live without. I’m also automatically drawn towards paraben-free cosmetics. Over the weekends, I make my own face masks, my favorite being a mix of Rose Water and Fresh Cream.
3. The five cosmetics that never leave your vanity box are…  
I never leave home without a mascara. My current go-to highlighter is Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector that blends in seamlessly for an effortless glow, MAC Lip Pencil in Soar and Kryolan’s DermaColor Camouflage Cream D5 along with their Eye Concealers are my other saviors.
4. Do you shop online?  
In my opinion shopping online is so convenient. It’s also easier as compared to driving around in your car expending more time and effort.
5. What’s your fool-proof camera-ready trick to appear flawless?  
I always accentuate one feature when I’m on-screen. In most cases, it’s my eyes. I use Charlotte Tilbury’s Under-Eye Concealer to cover my dark circles and I’m good to go!
5 Questions For The NFBA 2017 Jury - 2
Namrata Soni – Celebrity Makeup Artist
1. Tell us the hottest beauty trends for the upcoming season…  
Everyone’s going gaga over glitter! It’s the biggest trend in 2017 and if worn correctly amps up any look. You can experiment with pretty colors and use it all over; the eyes, lips and even nails but keep in mind it should be worn at night.
The other trend that’s going to make a major come back is the ‘Original Smokey Eye’ -  apart from the mainstream blue, purple, or gold smokey eyes I love that classic black is back with a bang!
2. What are two beauty hacks to achieve a flawless, summer glow?  
Swap heavy makeup products for tinted lip balms, tinted moisturizers, and cheek stains. I don’t suggest scheduling too many facials as skin is quite sensitive in hotter months, a mild exfoliator or scrub does wonders. Another trick I recommend is applying two ice cubes on the face after a shower. This closes pores and using a moisturizer after this keeps your face feeling fresh and hydrated all day long.
3. Name five makeup essentials every woman should own?  
A Kohl pencil, bright red/orange or pink lipstick, mascara, an eyelash curler and a cheek and lip tint.
4. Any tips for brides-to-be in 2017?  
Rather than blindly following the latest beauty trends, only adopt those that bring out your best features! This season is all about dramatic eyes, feathered lashes, colored liners, and nude matte lipsticks. Classic looks always work best so keep it simple.  
5. Any actress you love to work with and why?  
Sonam Kapoor! She is my muse! She is amazing to work with, open to experiment with looks, hairdos and ensembles.
5 Questions For The NFBA 2017 Jury - 3
Erikos Andreou – Celebrity Photographer
1. How do you feel being on the NFBA juror panel?  
I love it! Although I must admit it’s awkward judging certain categories such as hair color or face toners but I’ve tried to be as objective as possible while judging each makeup hero.
2. Do you have a favorite category?  
I discovered a new product today! The Toni & Guy Hair Serum. It smells fantastic and to me it has sex appeal. So yes, my favorite category is hair serum.
3. Which Bollywood celebrities do you like working with?  
I think Alia Bhatt is stunning. She looks different in every single photoshoot and is extremely photogenic. I’ve also worked with Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Varun Dhawan. They’re all such great people with the highest-octane levels.
4. Everyone wants to know how to look good in photos. Can you give us a few pointers?  
The biggest mistake people make while posing is slouching. I tell everyone to sit upright, broaden their shoulders and point them downwards. This automatically lengthens the torso creating a longer frame making it a wonderful picture.
5. What is the one product you cannot live without?  
I apply sunscreen daily, come rain or shine! The Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel Pa+++ SPF – 50 is my favorite as it’s gel formulation doesn’t leave a sticky, white residue on my skin.
5 Questions For The NFBA 2017 Jury - 4
Pompy – Celebrity Hair Stylist
1. Name three hair care brands you swear by.  
TIGI, Bumble and Bumble and L’Oréal Paris are my personal favorites.
2. What is the ideal hair care routine for working women?  
I’d say shampoo, conditioner, and serum; preferably from the same brand. And when outside, always use a hat or scarf to protect stay away from the sun! 
3. Which hair products can you not live without?  
Hair spray and hair gel! ALWAYS!
4. You clearly love Bebo as is evident from your Instagram photos! What makes you two click?  
Bebo is very beautiful, inside out. She is a thorough professional and open to new ideas. Also, we get along well.
5. Which categories did you like judging? And what are the criteria for choosing the winners?  
I had most fun with the hair care categories. I looked at great quality products along with ingredients that aren’t harmful to the skin and hair.
5 Questions For The NFBA 2017 Jury - 5
Behind the scenes with Dr. Jaishree Sharad – Dermatologist and Cosmetologist
1. What’s the simplest skin care routine every woman should follow?  
A good CTM routine is very important. Depending on your skin type you can choose the ingredients; someone with an oily acne prone skin should look for products with Salicylic or Glycolic Acid. Those with sensitive skin should opt for a Cetaphil Cleanser or Sebamed Olive Face and Body Wash. I don’t really recommend toners unless you are acne prone or live in a polluted area. Lastly, sunscreen, something that most of us forget to use daily.
2. When should one ideally start using anti-aging creams?  
A good moisturizer and sunscreen work well together as anti-aging creams and this routine should start as early as 12-13 years. As for the typical anti-aging creams with ingredients like Retinol or Vitamin C, that regimen should start after 30.
3. What ingredients should women avoid while choosing beauty products?  
Again, this depends on weather and skin type. However, if you have sensitive skin avoid ingredients like Parabens and Petroleum.
4. What's your take on home remedies for skin problems? Are they safe?  
I don’t believe in people just taking random ideas from the internet which are not endorsed by dermatologists or physicians. I’ve seen people using garlic and lime on their face that burns skin. You can choose safe options like mashed papaya, turmeric, yoghurt, and honey.
5. If you were to choose only two must-have products and two must-do treatments, what would you recommend and why?  
I’d say a sunscreen with a moisturizer as I don’t step out of the house sans a sunscreen even if the exposure is for just five minutes. The next product would be a vitamin C serum, as it’s an anti-oxidant which reduces blemishes and fine lines. As for treatments, I would go for a mild fruit peel, or oxidant jet facial or peel every couple of months as this unclogs pores and detoxifies skin.
5 Questions For The NFBA 2017 Jury - 6
Kanishtha Dhankar – TV Actress
1. What are the five beauty products that you can’t live without?  
Facewash, scrub, face pack, perfume and sun block.
2. What’s you numero uno go-to tip for a bad hair day?  
That’s easy! I just use some product and pull it back.
3. Three tips to achieve flawless skin.  
I drink lots of water, as it’s one of those things that truly works. Going to a dermatologist too in case you’ve never been to one before to understand your skin type. And finally, investing in the right products.
4. What are the classic wardrobe staples every girl must have?  
A pair of classic high waisted jeans, a pair of white sneakers, a beautiful top that suits your body type and makes you feel pretty, and a basic white Tee-shirt.
5. Favorite makeup artist and beauty icon.  
Namrata Soni, because she was one of the first makeup artists that I ever worked with, and international supermodel Kate Moss who just gets more gorgeous every year.
5 Questions For The NFBA 2017 Jury - 7
Falguni Nayar – CEO, Nykaa.com
1. How excited are you for #NFBA 2017?  
Oh, you can’t imagine! I’m thrilled. For the first time, we had over 55,000 consumers voting for their favorites and the polling has never been bigger.
2. What are the three beauty products you swear by?  
I never leave home without a dash of Kajal, some lipstick and cushion compact to even out my skin tone.
3. Being the CEO of Nykaa.com, what does beauty mean to you?  
For me beauty is all about self-confidence. It empowers us all to go out there and face the day!
4. If you had to choose a beauty icon, who would it be?  
Marliyn Monroe for sure!
5. Which categories did you like judging today? And what criteria did you use to judge the nominated products?  
Today I felt each product to see how light the texture is, the color playout as well as its effectiveness. I personally love all things beauty and skincare related so those were the categories I had the most fun choosing.
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