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5 Reasons Why You Should Shop The New Lakme Lip Mousse From Nykaa

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review of the lakme lip mousse

Hues of red, brown and pink, all scattered around the dresser. A beautiful mess, nevertheless! Lipstick is that one beauty snag, sans which I cannot fathom my life. Whether headed for work or out on a coffee run, I seldom leave the house without a swipe of colour on my lips. This lil’ manoeuvre which takes a split second and a half, instantly makes me feel put together, confident and centred. Continuing my love affair with lipsticks, I recently got my hands on a brand-new make by Lakme. Boasting a decadent, mousse-like consistency, these superior formulas have been creating quite a stir in the beauty community. If you are wondering whether you should give this newbie a whirl? Scroll ahead for my review— where I cite reasons why you cannot miss out on the Lakme Lip Mousse.

1. The Feel Of The Product? Chef Kisses

Mousse-like texture feels like a tall claim? Let me assure you that it isn’t an exaggeration, not even in the slightest. The feel of the Lakme Lip Mousse is the biggest USP in my books – heavenly soft is how I would describe it. The formulation glides onto the lips, is light as air and stays put for hours. A problem I have encountered with similar formulations in the past, is the product clinging to the wand in a congealed mass. Well, Lakme Lip Mousse’s cocoa-infused, matte formula evades these concerns, giving the lips a non-drying, beautiful pop of colour.

2. Versatile Colour Palette

Want to rock a neutral nude or turn heads with a pop of cherry? No matter your pick, the Lakme Lip Mousse has got you covered. The line carries a medley of hues, 12 to be precise, that flatter different Indian skin tones! I am head over heels for the shade nude naturalle, which has become my go-to lippy for work. I dab the mousse onto my lips and then blend the formulation onto my lips for a soft, diffused look. On the other end of the colour spectrum, the chroma-crimson sky is bold and beautiful. I usually steer clear of reds, but, crimson sky is striking, yet very easy on the eyes. Not to mention, it transitions seamlessly from day to night.

3. 5/5 Functionality

A deviation from the regulars, the Lakme Lip Mousse sits in a sleek, half black and half-clear tube. If you, like me, geek out on the aesthetics of a product? You will appreciate this switch which makes the offering stand out (& tall) in the market. The nifty yet sturdy tube is convenient to carry – I slide mine right into my bag while travelling. Complete with a flexible applicator that fits on the brim (you can hear the cap, twist and lock). It covers every inch of your lips with just a single swipe!

4. Wallet-Friendly

With an infallible formula, a vibrant array of colours and reasonably priced— the Lakme Lip Mousse hits the trifecta. The product sits at ₹650, a bargain for the superlative quality. The product is currently available at a markdown of 5%, so hurry up before these lipsticks vanish in the blink of an eye.

5. The Feel Good Factor

The criterion which forms the crux of any review I undertake is the ‘feel good factor’.
For me, makeup has always been a tool of expression, an agency to help me feel comfortable in my skin. I love how the Lakme Lip Mousse checks all these boxes in my book. With a dose of oomph on my lips, this offering brings to life the most assertive and flamboyant version of me on the world stage.

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