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5 Sex-Positive Instagram Accounts That Will Keep You Informed And Empowered

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It’s no breaking news that India is still in dire need of a comprehensive sex education plan that goes beyond the birds and bees. Think about it. It’s the 21st century and we live in a time where the concept is still laced with judgment and shame that is strictly ingrained into the core of our society. While conversations around sex are a bit more relaxed than they used to be, the stigma is still pretty much alive—silencing critical conversations surrounding sexual health, choice and consent. And it’s tricky because it’s this rigid way of being that eventually leads to young adults turning to the internet—wading through all the information (and a whole lot of misinformation) available online.

But hang in there. The good news is that we have Instagram and in this fight for sexual expression, we also thankfully have educators, writers and highly qualified experts leading the charge on social media that we trust can help. So, if you’re looking to incorporate a little sex ed into your daily scroll, keep reading. From the clitoris being referred to as the ‘love umbrella’ to the ‘8 Cs’ that help practice better sex, we’ve listed India’s leading names spreading knowledge on the subject, one viral post at a time.

1. Leeza Mangaldas (@leezamangaldas)

Leeza Mangaldas is an anchor, actor, YouTuber, and one of India’s most popular sex-positive content creators. Widely known for normalising conversations around sexual health, body image, and female pleasure (and introducing reliable sex toys), Mangaldas provides highly researched information to her followers through an empowering and youthful lens with the help of anecdotes and humour. If you haven’t watched her video on if size matters, I highly suggest you take some time out for this—trust.

2. Dr.Varuna Srinivasan (@drvarunasrinivasan)

The US-based public health researcher and gender justice activist decided to start her Instagram page early last year with the intention of spreading awareness around sex education and the LGBTQ+ rights to help strengthen the South Asian community. Her journey as a bisexual South Asian woman inspired and encouraged thousands around the world to come forward and speak their truth. Srinivasan’s ‘8 Cs’ to help practice better sex and intimacy garnered a bunch of positive responses, with some of her followers admitting that it actually changed their sex lives forever. I don’t know about you but I’ve bookmarked it.

3. Seema Anand (@seemaanandstorytelling)

Seema Anand has gained widespread attention and acclaim for openly discussing the language of Kama Sutra on her platform and communicating the importance of being physically, mentally, and emotionally present with your lover (so important). The London-based mythologist and practicing storyteller is also an advocate for mental health. I found her video on using breathing patterns to rid your mind of negative thoughts extremely helpful.  Anand’s ‘We don’t need your permission’ clip, a clap back to online trollers is also worth watching. Oh, and I learned from her page that the Kama Sutra refers to the clitoris as the ‘love umbrella’.

4. Dr.Tanaya (@drcuterus)

I initially discovered Dr Tanaya’s page while scrolling through my explore section. Famously referred to as the nation’s ‘Millennial doctor’, the Oxford-educated medical expert and content creator holds a strong fan base and maintains a very interactive page where she hosts weekly Q&A sessions on her stories and interactive Instagram lives on crucial subjects like contraception, masturbation, and breast health. If these topics are of interest to you, Dr Tanaya’s is the page to follow.

5. Neha Bhat (@indiansextherapist)

A licensed trauma therapist, Neha Bhat works very closely with survivors of sexual abuse for years and has played a huge role in breaking the stigma attached to the subject. While Bhat offers therapy in India and America, she also uses her platform to educate her followers on sexual wellness, the importance of mental health and how to really overcome trauma through effective healing methods and diverse forms of inner work.

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