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5 Solutions To Fix Pregnancy Back Pain

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The nine-month pregnancy period is a very exciting time of your life and a new addition to the family is an occasion to celebrate. But one common problem that can cause you distress during these months is back pain.
Considering the changes that your body undergoes as you complete each trimester, backache is quite common to experience. However, that doesn't mean you need to suffer, because there are remedies for it. Here is a list of five solutions to alleviate this pain and truly enjoy the glow!
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Routine Physical Activity

One main reason why your back begins to hurt is due to the stiffening from the lack of or limited movement. To prevent this, you need to practice gentle activities such as stretching your back, walking short distances, and engaging in deep breathing exercises, and yoga.
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Massages can be great stress busters, especially because your pregnancy back pain may extend to your waist and shoulders too. Ask your partner to massage your back as you are sitting down but make sure that this is done softly. There are trained therapists, too, who know about various pressure points and can help relieve your back pain.
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Sleeping Postures

Getting a good night's rest can be difficult when you are pregnant, especially if your back pain is severe. Avoid sleeping on your back as much as you can as this will increase your pain. Besides sleeping sleep on your side, you can also place a pillow between your legs and fold your knees slightly to relax your back muscles.
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Belt and Shoes

During your last trimester, your backache may begin to intensify for which external support could be required to help you relieve the pain. One example is the maternity belt - it helps hold your stomach in and spread your weight across your entire body. Similarly, wearing heels or bad quality shoes is another reason for pain, so switch to footwear that is comfortable
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Alternative Therapies

There are alternative means of therapy such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, and homeopathy. Acupuncture deals with using fine needles across pain points in your body and is quite effective. With regard to aroma oils, just put in two drops onto a warm, damp cloth and place it on your back for an instant soothing effect. Homeopathy has medication options like the Arnica cream which you can use to massage into your back.
Before Wrapping Up...
Pregnancy back pain can be quite frustrating, especially because it can last for long periods of time, making daily activities difficult to perform. However, you don't need to worry anymore! Just jot this list down or save it in your bookmarks tab and can refer to it in time of need. But remember that if these tips aren't helping you or your pain is too excessive, then you must consult your doctor immediately.
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