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5 Waterproof Products That Promise To Deliver High-End Results During The Rainy Months

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waterproof makeup

Cosmetics giants are churning out products that can withstand the rain, perspiration and humidity. Now, during a particularly damp monsoon, I felt it was rather critical to gather a few heavy-duty transfer-proof formulas.They’re mainly for those that don’t want to be in public without makeup on, like me— because you never know when you’re going to bump into your soulmate, correct?

Infact, I decided to conduct my own little experiment before I shared this list for you (just to be sure) and I must admit that the products listed below successfully passed the test. They don’t melt, crack or generally give up on you during the rainy months.

The names listed below have successfully converted to my solid staples and here’s why.

waterproof foundation

1. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation

To be honest, I’m still digesting the fact that we have Charlotte on Nykaa. Coming to one of the brands’ most iconic bestellers, their airbrush foundation is just divine, really. Famed makeup extraordinaire Charlotte Tilbury knew exactly when she was doing when she curated this product. This vegan, second-skin formula puts the hottest Instagram and TikTok filters to shame. Tilbury developed a unique magic skin algorithm to make sure that every shade is powered with a strong color-sync technology to marry your exact skin tone.

2. Too Faced Melted Chocolate Matte Eye Shadow

Dip a finger into any of the Too Faced products and you’ll get why editors and leading digital stars use them so much. As the name suggests, this range of shadows is labelled ‘melted chocolate’, so it’s no surprise that it’s packed with shades like Chocolate Chai, Warm And Fudgy and Tirami-sue Me. These liquid eyeshadow (that’s packaged like a lip gloss), delivers lush cocoa tonesthat are crease-proof, waterproof and seriously lightweight. Oh, and they actually smell like chocolate. Soooo.

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3. Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil

While the brow industry continues to boom (even during a cold pandemic), I think we can agree on the fact that well-shaped eyebrows are important. Let me rephrase that, well-shaped brows are pretty much non-negotiable. Benefit cosmetics’ goof proof pencil makes sure that we don’t fail in this department and I’ll tell you why. It features a retractable, waxy angled liner on one side and on the other end has a spoolie brush that delivers hairlike strokes that can be darkened by layering. Perfect for sparse brows, I recommend you have this brow formula handy for a quick lift.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Stain

Famously known for her outstanding brow products, founder Anastasia Soare curated a line of lip stains that are, believe it or not— even better. This innovative formula by Anastasia Beverly Hills goes on like water and feels like you're wearing nothing at all— yet delivers a plush color with an impressive staying power without drying out lips. It’s also cherry scented (which I love). They come in three fabulous shades but my personal favorite has got to be Rosewood. Also, they're ridiculously waterproof, so no it will not stain your mask or your water bottle.

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5. BECCA Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter

If a dewy finish minus the wet stickiness is high on your list, this liquid highlighter by BECCA will not disappoint. I mean, it’s a face AND body highlighter, which is fantastic. It’s basically a crystal-gel formula that gives your skin a glow that is also strictly water resistant. Souped with juicy pineapple, fresh coconut, and orange flower notes, this cruelty-free formula effortlessly rides the line between subtle and strong— it's just right.

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