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5 Ways To Celebrate Self-Love This Singles’ Day

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It’s Singles’ Day! First, let’s get one thing clear - the myth created by our ancient ancestors that being single is equivalent to ‘missing out on the true joys of life’ (rolling eyes) is far from the truth. Single people can have it all - not just autonomy, independence and space, but also emotionally fulfilled, busy, happy lives. So, revel in your unique journey and celebrate this 11/11 in ways that will make you love yourself harder. Listed below are five exceptional ways to live it up on Singles’ Day. PS: These are ideas above and beyond retail therapy - which should be on the top of your Single’s Day to-do list!

1. A Perfect Date

Nobody knows and understands what you love more than you. So, take yourself out on a date and do everything you absolutely adore doing. Dress up the way you love, buy yourself presents, drink your favourite wines and cocktails, eat what and where you truly want to and spoil yourself in a way you know you deserve to be pampered.

2. The Gratitude Game

You are who you are today for a few people who stood by you at all times - good and bad. Your family and friends can be as important (sometimes more) than your partners. Say thanks to the people who have pushed you to happiness and success. When and if you do get into a relationship, you will have specific days to celebrate your partner, which leaves this special 11/11 to celebrate everyone else!

3. You, The Superhero

Don’t deny it, you are one. Revel in your superpowers and share them with people who will truly cherish them. Maybe you are a secret artist or a singer, or you moonlight as a potter, a writer or an innovative chef. Or maybe you’ve made thousands on the side with your impressive stock knowledge. Take the day off from what you do every day and indulge in celebrating your superpowers.

4. Make it a YES Day

Everyone has wishes they’ve bookmarked or listed out somewhere, but have never been able to gather up the courage to execute. Make this day a YES day, fighting off your fears, taking risks and fulfilling your most cherished wishes that you have earmarked for the future. Make yourself your own genie and make things happen on this day.

5. Have A Digital Detox

So that everything you do on Single’s Day is truly and uniquely just for you. Don’t celebrate this day only to put up pictures on Instagram, or spend too much time delving into the fantasies of Netflix shows. This day is about you. Spend time away from screens and digital socialising. Instead, read, listen to your most-loved music, meditate and experience mindfulness. Go out for a walk and look at the world around you without any filters for a day.

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