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6 Best Lip Liners For A Fuller Pout

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best lip liners on nykaa

Lip liners often lay forgotten in the deepest crevices of your vanity, but have you ever wondered why? If you have dismissed this nifty, lil’ pencil on account of its rudimentary utility— we are here to bust this misconception. Contrary to popular opinion, a lip liner once used correctly, can help enhance your pucker! All you need is a nimble hand movement to trace the outline of your lips in varying capacities (more discussed later), and you’re good to go. In the article, we focus on the multiple uses of a lip liner, followed by a list of the top six best-selling lip liners on Nykaa. Neat, right? Make sure to keep scrolling through!

What Are The Different Uses Of A Lip Liner?

As touched upon briefly in the introduction, a lip liner has multiple uses— all depending on its make and the intent with which you are summoning the wand.

1. Soft and Subtle Definition

Tracing the outline of your pout, with a lip liner guarantees them immense depth and definition. Just use a light hand and begin at the cupid’s bow, slowly outlining your lips till the outer corners of your mouth. Avoid harsh lines to ensure that your pucker looks natural and pronounced.

2. Fuller, Voluminous Lips

Want to create an illusion of pillowy lips without the aid of a plumper? Go the natural route by summoning a shade of lip liner closest to your lip colouring. Keep a steady hand, and gently overline the perimeter of your pout several times. This manoeuvre helps mimic naturally fuller lips.
Pro-tip: go for a matte effect lip pencil, as opposed to the shimmery variety. This will help uphold the mirage, as light won't bounce off the mattifying layout.

3. Create An Ombre

We have seen the likes of A-listers Kylie Jenner And Alexa Demie flaunt the ombre lip on many-a occasions. To craft the ombre lip look, pick a lip liner several shades darker than your colouring. Once you have created a contour, take a lighter lipstick of choice and start filling in, on the lips. Once your lipstick is on and even, you may go for a fresh coat of gloss atop!

4. No Smudging, No Feathering

As we all know that cream formula and gloss tend to feather from the side of the lips. To prevent this mishap, we recommend going in for a liner which helps hold the lipstick in place. Just contour along the shape of your pout and double down on your lippy’s staying power.

5. Works As A Base For Your Lipstick

To cite a borrowed analogy, a lip liner assumes the role of a base for your lipstick – similar to what a primer does for a foundation! Shading your lips with a liner ensures the longevity of the colour without any fear of bleeding. On days you fancy just a hint of hue — apply some liner, bang in the centre and smudge it out with the help of your finger. For a naturally-flushed colouring!

Now that we are well-versed with the different uses of a lip liner, let's explore the top six offerings available on Nykaa!

Top 6 Lip Liners Available On Nykaa

1. Our Fave Luxe Offering - Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat

The iconic Lip Cheat in the shade pillow talk has been a favourite amongst Hollywood hotshots like Salma Hayek, Amal Clooney and Emma Roberts. And rightly so. The magical formula can transfigure the shape of your lips, seamlessly. It glides effortlessly, contouring your lips, creating an illusion of intense volume and definition. The feather-light formula is water-proof, vegan and doesn’t dry out the lips.

What We Love:

  • 12 unique colours
  • Rich colour that doesn’t budge
  • Transfer-proof

Format - Pencil

Nykaa Lips Don’t Lie Waterproof Lip Liner

Nykaa Lips Don’t Lie Waterproof Lip Liner

Carrying shades across different colour families – from nude neutrals to pretty pinks to risque reds to playful plums — 16 unique universally-flattering shades. The pencil is wood clenched, eco-friendly and multifaceted. You can summon this product to fill out your lips or outline. The matte finish formulation allows for a soft and smooth application — ideal for creating a fuller lip. All you need is a nuanced action to slightly darken the cupid bows and work your way to the crease.

What We Love:

  • 16 universally flattering shades
  • Great value for money
  • Long-staying

Format - Pencil

3. Our Fave Hybrid Pick - Kay Beauty Matte Action Lip Liner

Kay Beauty Matte Action Lip Liner

Kay Beauty Matte Action Lip Liner

Founded by Bollywood’s IT girl, Katrina Kaif – Kay Beauty Matte Action Liner is efficacious, economical and exemplary. The highly-pigmented shades guarantee an intense colour pay-off whether you add a hint of colour to your lips or contour them. With an ultra-rich, matte formula, the product helps amplify the staying power of your lip crayon. Kiss-proof, sweat-proof and featuring a blend of chamomile and Marula— these liners keep your lips hydrated around the clock.

What We Love:

  • Vegan And Cruelty Free
  • Lip Care At The Forefront
  • Long-Lasting Stay

Format - Pencil

4. Best Pick For Lip Contouring - Huda Beauty Lip Contour 2.0

huda beauty lip contour

Huda Beauty Lip Contour 2.0

Beauty influencer-turned-MUA, Huda Kattan’s eponymous brand, Huda Beauty, launched the lip contour kit in 2016 — a breakthrough milestone for the entrepreneur. The beloved buttery contour slides over the lips to make them look snatched! The potent formulation is water-proof, transfer-proof and lasts all day long. Unlike the above offerings, Huda’s famous Lip Contour is available in a twist-up format which spares us the horror of drawing with a blunt nip. The package is complete with a sharpener at the base, you know, just in case. Furthermore, the liner puts the comfort of your lips front and centre with soybean and liquorice in the formulation.

What We Love:

  • Highly pigmented
  • Gives your lips a faux-filler look
  • Mini sharpener included

Format - Retractable / twist-up

5. Best Rated Lip Liner - SUGAR Lipping On The Edge Lip Liner

sugar lipping on the edge lip liner

SUGAR Lipping On The Edge Lip Liner

This product by Sugar Cosmetics, with a solid rating of 4.5 is adept at cloaking creases on prolonged lipstick wear. Just use this formulation-available in 5 shades to fill out your lips before you go wild with your lipstick. The gel-like texture also makes it ideal for holding your lipstick or gloss and prevents any irksome episodes of feathering! All you need is a one-stroke application and voila! At INR 525, this product has multiple uses which you can employ.

What We Love:

  • Doesn’t Smear
  • No Feathering
  • Sharpener included

Format - Pencil

e.l.f. Cosmetics love triangle lip filler liner

e.l.f Cosmetics Love Triangle Lip Filler Liner

The unique design of the liner- a triangular tip, makes it the best 2-in-1 offering. You can use it to contour as well as fill in your lips. The unique design makes it easy to draw thin, precise lines for a natural look — all you need is one swipe for intense, long-lasting colour. The wand, which has been ergonomically tested to fit right into your hand, gives you a great handle over the product.

What We Love:

  • Lip Filler Brush With Tapered Bristles
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Available in 7 gorgeous hues

Format - Pencil

What Are Some Tips And Tricks To Use A Lip Liner

  1. Exfoliate Your Lips: Start with a gentle exfoliator to eliminate any dried-out, dead cells on your lips. This will ensure a smooth base to outline your lips in a precise manner.
  2. Use A Hydrating Lip Balm: If your lips are prone to getting chapped or flaky, we suggest adding a coat of lip balm. This move will ascertain a supple and healthy base that doesn’t dry on prolonged lipstick wear.
  3. Sharpen The Pencil Tip: If you are using a pencil format, make sure to sharpen the tip of the lip liner before you start contouring. This will equip you with the deftness to crack a one-stroke, natural-looking application.
  4. Start Contouring: Discern the area where you want to add volume or create symmetry. If you are new to this, start by drawing a little ‘x’ to enhance your cupid’s bow. Further, with a gentle hand, extend this tracing to meet the natural outline of your lips.


Q1. What Does A Lip Liner Do?

A. A lip liner is used to grant depth, definition and dimension to your pout. If you overline your pucker with a light hand, several times over —it creates the illusion of fuller lips. Furthermore, lip liners also work as a primer, ensuring the longevity of your lip colour.

Q2. Should Your Lip Liner Be Darker Or Lighter Than Your Colouring?

A. Opt for a lip liner that is a shade or two darker than your colouring. This helps you unlock a natural yet powerful contoured look.

Q3. How To Use A Lip Liner?

A. Pick the right shade and start tracing the perimeter of your lips — right from the cupid’s bow to where your mouth curls up. If you want to create the illusion of fuller lips, draw over (repeatedly) this outline with soft lines.

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