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6 Best Lip Oils To Buy From Nykaa

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Best Lip Oils On Nykaa

Another beauty snag treading the line between high-performance skincare and contemporary makeup is lip oil. Formerly catering to a niche consumer base—lip oils have recently experienced accelerated growth in popularity. All thanks to the virality of a smattering of TikTok videos on the nifty li’l product, the search for the term #LipOil, exceeds a whopping 150 Mn on the social media platform. But before you separate ways with your hard-earned money to grab a delicious variant from Nykaa, let's delve deeper into the functionality of this hybrid product. Are lip oils worth the hype? Let's find out!

Are Lip Oils Worth The Hype?

A-listers like supermodel Bella Hadid, and singer-actor Selena Gomez (to name a few) have revealed their favourite lip combos in recent times, also featuring a satiating lip oil. The nod from industry veterans has only added to the intrigue of this breakout beauty star. But should you and I invest in lip oil this season? The only answer is a resounding YES! A lip oil is essentially a cross between a lip balm and a gloss — combining the nourishing and hydrating properties with a high-powered shine for your pucker.

Why Do You Need Lip Oil In Your Vanity?

Our lips bear the brunt of weather extremities, aggressors and pollution on an everyday basis. Results? Instances of extreme dryness accompanied by flakiness. To add to the misery, the tissues on the lips are extremely thin, worrisomely brittle and devoid of natural moisturisation (absence of sebaceous glands on the pucker) — hence prone to more damage and tear.

To combat the aforementioned concerns, a lip oil crafted from natural, plant-based oils is the perfect bet. Thinner than lip balm, it possesses the unique ability to percolate deep into the skin to provide nourishment and hydration. We recommend looking for lip oils featuring good-for-you ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, honey, avocado oil (and more) to double down on skin protection for your pucker!

Lip oil makes for a great alternative to lip gloss. Lightweight and non-greasy, lip oil mimics the high shine of a gloss without drying out your pucker. Lip oil is also often reported to be more pigmented than its counterpart. Need we say more?

6 Best Lip Oils You Can Shop From Nykaa

Now that you are well-versed with the benefits of lip oils, it’s time to cart one. A lip oil combining the properties of a balm and gloss is the perfect way to jump on the minimalism bandwagon —helping you craft a clean, sharp look with just a pop of colour on the lips. All of this is with a hefty side of TLC. So, scroll further for our list of 6 best lip oils available on Nykaa. This latest addition to the vanity will not burn a hole in your pocket with a selection across different price points and brands!

1. Best Lip Oil With A Fruity Fragrance-Makeup Revolution Relove Roll Baby Lip Oil

Price: INR 499
Rating: 4.5

Lip oils are dubbed as serums that seep into the skin, to repair and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out. The Revolve Roll Baby Lip Oil from Makeup Revolution checks this box off our list. It administers a healthy pucker while imparting it with a blinding shine that is bound to turn a few heads. This vegan and cruelty-free formulation that applies like a dream (thanks to the roll on top) is available in 4 variants. Each with a mild fragrance that will elevate the soul and the spirit. Bag it now and say hello to soft, moisturised, kissable lips around the clock.

2. Best Cross-Border Lip Oil-NOONI Lip Oil

Price: INR 1850
Rating: 4.7

The search for #Nooni Applecherry Lip Oil has clocked millions of views on TikTok, making it an overnight rage amongst beauty enthusiasts. The potent formulation is available in 5 other variants on Nykaa, brought to you exclusively by the Cross-Border Store. The vegan and cruelty-free product boasts a blend of Vitamin E, C and A, which keep the pucker locked with ample water content.

3. Editor’s Pick-L.A. Girl Lip Oil

Price: INR 595
Rating: 4.5

We are committed to bringing only the best for your lips! Furthering this endeavour, we present you the L.A. Girl Lip Oil. A product crammed with rosehip oil and Vitamin E, the duo provides an adequate dose of hydration to your pucker. The formulation sits in an aesthetically pleasing tube with a doe applicator— allowing an easy breezy application process, mirror or no mirror. The colour palette (carried by the 6 variants) is on the natural side and adds a layer of gorgeous sheer on the top. Grab now this vegan, paraben-free product for an effortlessly put-together look, stat!

4. Best Colour Pay-Off-Renee Super Natural Tinted Lip Oil Sn

Price: INR 494
Rating: 3.3

The tinted lip oil from Renee offers an intense colour pay-off and a super glow to your pucker! The offering is supercharged with argan oil and Vitamin E, which percolates deep into the skin to —addressing prevalent concerns like flakiness and dryness. The lightweight, nongreasy formula glides effortlessly and adheres to the pucker, come rain or shine. Apply the infallible formulation with a single stroke contained within a liner for a snatched look that transitions exceptionally well from day to night!

5. Best Luxe Offering-Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte's Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir

Price: INR 3600
Rating: 5

The lip oil by Charlotte Tilbury, infused with water-soluble Hyaluronic Acid has a knockout 5/5 rating on Nykaa. The humectant binds moisture to the tissues and ensures that your pucker looks soft, supple and gorgeous throughout the day. Also featuring in the blend, snow lotus and resurrection leaf – the duo ascertain a big, sturdy lock on the water content that HA draws from its surroundings. The formulation is silky-smooth, and fuses with the lips to fill any or all creases with a brilliant pop of colour. Dermatologically tested, this elixir results in a healthy, plumper appearance of the pout! Results suggest a jaw-dropping increase of up to 70% in lip volume over a 28 period with regular use.

6. Best Lip Oil For An Overnight Treatment-Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Nighttime Lip Oil-Serum

Price: INR 2200
Rating: 4.4

Combining the properties of a concern-led serum and a treatment oil— the beauty snag from Estee Lauder is a dream come true! It glides on, velvety-soft on the lips with a plush applicator and deeply hydrates them with the aid of camellia, rose and lavender oils. Instantly filing all the lines and creases, the cushiony soft formula also features collagen-filling spheres. The cherry on the top? The high shine imparted to the lips which can surpass the intensity of any gloss in the market. Grab now for a much-needed TLC sesh for your pucker.

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