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6 Critical Facts To Maintain A Happy, High Functioning Scalp

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It’s quite easy to disregard or ignore what you can’t see (read that again). Now, that probably explains why most of us ignore an area on our bodies that’s out of sight —the scalp. When you disturb the health of your scalp, it transforms into this ravenous breeding ground for an abyss of problem to arise— more on that below. From constant dissatisfaction of your hair never feeling fully clean (no matter how much you shampoo) to experiencing unexpected weather (insert dandruff + snowfall joke) we’ve listed 6 critical facts to note to maintain a happy, high functioning scalp.

  • 1. Listen to the principle

    The same basic principles of skin care apply to scalp care. You need to religiously remove grime, debris, dirt and oil on your scalp. Much like your skin,  your scalp-care routine will be a reflection of your scalp.

  • 2. Did you brush?

    We all tend to procrastinate sometimes but always, always brush your hair before you get in for a shower. Something as simple as this can detangle your hair to help loosen all the collected dirt so it can be easily rinsed away. It takes a few minutes of your day (sometimes half an hour for me. What, mallu hair okay?) but it just makes everything easier. Trust me.

  • 3. Get a good scalp serum

    If you have chronic dry scalp (that is if you white flakes regularly on your shoulders), it’s vital that you use a scalp serum. Follow that up with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

  • 4. Too Hot To Handle?

    Most often assume that hot water works better for a deeper, stronger cleanse. Wrong. While still on the subject for dry scalp, you should actually avoid hot water as much as possible and stick to lukewarm water instead. There’s a huge difference on how it impacts your scalp. Also, try to shampoo your hair less frequently.

  • 5. The Oil Spill

    If you have an oily scalp, the first step should always be to avoid using clarifying shampoos. Go for sulfate-free formulas that thoroughly purifies your scalp without stripping its natural oils. Even better, try getting on your hands on a shampoo infused with tea tree oil for faster results.

  • 6. Have you tried scalp scrubs?

    Here’s another solution for those with oily scalp. Scalp exfoliators. Designed to work on grime and  excess sebum, exfoliators containing sea salt work great to remove the debris and buildup that often accumulate causing odour. Caution: avoid scrubs if you have a dry scalp.

  • Before I conclude, I thought I'd slip in a little DIY for those that don’t wish to immediately spend on a scrub. You could take a few spoons of sugar and blend it with your shampoo to help get rid of dead skin cells. Allow enough time for this concoction to soak right in and massage the formula into the scalp for a few minutes without being too aggressive and rinse thoroughly after ten minutes. Also, avoid using styling products as much as possible for a few weeks. I know it;s hard, but you'd rather have a healthy scalp and hair as opposed to just good lookin’ hair with a mediocre scalp, right? Priorities.

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