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6 essentials you MUST carry in your Gym-bag!

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A big shout out to the people who go to the gym regularly. Take a bow- you have turned your cants into cans and your ‘next Monday’ has actually arrived. Now that you are successfully past the biggest obstacle (read : Monday), stock up on these necessities that will pave you way to rising Gym-dom!

Here are the gym bag beauty essentials

Dry Shampoo

6 essentials you MUST carry in your Gym bag! - 1
A dry shampoo to gym-bag necessities is what Kale is to Beyonce. It is a MUST-HAVE in every gym-freak’s bag. All you have to do after an intense work-out is flip your hair, spray the shampoo and continue to have a fabulous hair day.


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Face- mists are the keys to the realm of forever looking fresh and energized. Great for before and after a work out, we are extremely sure that a bottle of the finest face-mist will provide that much needed boost for a fantastic gym session.  

Lip Balm

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A heavy work-out session can DRAIN you out. Excessive sweating can cause dehydration and the effect will immediately show on your pretty pout. Always carry an excellent, hydrating lip balm to soothe your lips and if you want to grab some attention, go for the one that has hints of pretty tints! *wink, wink*


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Yes, we know you might be thinking- 'a toner, really?' Hear us out- your pores tend to open more than usual after a lot of perspiration. As a result, there are more chances of impurities/dirt, etc. creating havoc on your delicate, open-pore skin. Enter toner! The right toner will not only decrease the size of your pores, but reduce oil- secretion and prevent breakouts. Dab some skin-type friendly toner post a heavy work out and wake up to wonderful, supple skin every morning!


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Be wise and keep your trusted face wash at home. Opt for facial wipes instead with moisturizing properties that can help you get over 'I-just-had-a-leg-day-at-the-gym' face!


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This essential is literally a no-brainer. Of course, it is absolutely necessary to NEVER forget to carry your favourite deodorant or your go-to body mist.
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