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6 Nykaa Editors Share Their #1 Wellness Secret For Healthy Living

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While WhatsApp video calls and Instagram lives provide a momentary sense of social outlet, these evidently paradoxical communication methods (socialising while socially distancing) don’t necessarily fill the void for many. The real challenge lies in learning to live with the technology without surrendering to it. And when you surrender, the first chap to fall flat on the face—well, your well being.

With that said, quarantine fatigue takes root for most on the daily as the dearth of human interaction and physical presence result in negative impacts on you in entirety. Well, if you resonate with any of the above and you feel you’re stuck in a rut and want to look and breathe better, start now (because it’s never too late). How about a little inspiration for you to get started? Below, six Nykaa editors reveal their number one wellness secret and essential practices to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Synjini Nandi

For me, wellness is all about nourishing my mind and body to be the best version of myself. In addition to being mindful of what I consume, I have also started meditating for 15 min in the morning where I focus on all the positive things in my life and what I wish for, going forward. I have also become more self-aware of who I surround myself with and the energies that people give off. As they say, positive vibes only.

Aarohi Roy

With 2020, my fitness and wellness regime took a hit. I have always been a swimmer, and without pools to look forward to, my routine, eating habits and my mental health all took a negative turn. Now, i’m starting to look for more conventional activities to keep my spirits high - including short frequent beach trips and lots of nariyal pani. Another thing I’m leaning towards is digital detox, starting with reducing my screen time to 2-3 hours on weekends.

Lakshmi Nayar

I think the most important thing to me when it comes to wellness is gut health. What I put in my body is a pure reflection of how I look, feel, work and sleep. So I recently bid goodbye to eating without thinking and slowly transitioned to green juices, nuts as munchies (instead of flaming cheetos) and I make sure I have a bowl of homemade yogurt daily for my probiotic intake. I also start my morning Wim Hoff’s eleven minute breathing routine that helps kick start my day feeling optimistic and stress-free.

Gianella Mascarenhas

I have found my happy (and healthy) place in practising gratitude, meditating and working out. And, one way i’m ensuring that I stay diligent with these 2021 goals is by putting it in my E - calendar. If i’m being honest, it leaves me feeling energised, positive and super glow-y. Win-win!

Sara Shah

2021 has brought me new challenges in terms of health. Being diagnosed with PCOD, I have decided to make healthy eating an unnegotiable part of my life. This doesn’t mean that I will be going on some crazy diet. It just means that I will be eating more foods that are closest to its natural state. After all, sticking to our roots is important. And, I already feel pretty light too!

Bhoomi Vasavada

For me, 2021 is the year to ‘Marie Kondo’ anything that doesn’t spark joy, or help me become a better person from the inside out. From practicing mindful eating, loading up on vitamins, to meditating for a lightning fast reset, ‘tis the year to keep calm, keep going. Not to mention, I’m also making conscious beauty choices — sth that’s not only good for me, but also for Dear Mother Earth.

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