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7 Best Under Eye Creams For You

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There’s no dearth of under-eye creams but which one’s right for you? If you’re in need of one, you’ve probably realized that the skin underneath your eyes is incredibly thin and starts to age much faster than the rest of your face. So, whether you’re plagued by under-eye circles, puffiness, fine lines or just dull under-eyes, we have the perfect solution for you. And yes, you can start using an under-eye cream in your 20s. All that extra moisture will ensure your under-eyes keep up with the rest of your youthful beauty!

Top Picks For The Best Under Eye Creams In India 2019

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1. BEST OVERALL UNDER-EYE CREAM: Sebamed Anti Ageing Q10 Lifting Eye Cream Ph5.5

This is the perfect entry-level product: a lightweight cream packaged in an airtight tube to minimize oxidation and contamination. Contains Co-enzyme Q 10 that activates oxygen metabolism at a cellular level while the Phyto-peptide ingredient complex and lipid-rich Shea Butter, Avocado and Almond Oils intensely moisturize the under-eye skin to fade early signs of fine lines. Safe for use even if you have sensitive skin and the 5.5 pH value safeguards the skin barrier. In fact, in just 28 days you’ll see a 30% improvement with this allergy, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested tube of wonder.

2. BEST BUDGET UNDER-EYE CREAM: Best Budget: Biotique Bio Sea Weed Revitalizing Anti Fatigue Eye Gel

Over strain, puffiness, dark circles, whatever your woe, this surprisingly rich and nourishing formula is the best eye cream for puffiness and will have you smiling in no time. Contains lipid, protein, vitamin and mineral-rich Seaweed that reduces signs of stress, puffiness and darks circles; revitalizing Nutmeg that fades fine lines in a trice; and hydrating and vitamin-rich Honey that heals, soothes and brightens the under-eye area. Pat around the under-eyes in the morning and night. Who said budget babes can’t look like a million bucks? 
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3. BEST FOR TREATING UNDER-EYE WRINKLES: Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals Vitalift Cream

Thanks to the addition of Retinol, this powerful anti-aging eye cream can reverse the signs of aging by relaxing fine lines and wrinkles, building collagen, and beating back sun damage and rough texture. It also contains Shea Butter that deeply hydrates and plumps up skin, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein that tones, brightens and fades fine lines, and Ginger root extracts that soothes skin. Clinically proven formula that visibly improves skin elasticity and firmness,

4. BEST FOR PREVENTING UNDER-EYE WRINKLES: Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Eye Cream

This cult favorite is the best under eye cream for wrinkles. It firms, smoothens, and brightens from the first application. This antioxidant rich formula contains freshly squeezed Jeju Green Tea and Green Tea seeds to deliver moisture and nourishment to your eye area. The Dual Moisture-Rising Technology deeply hydrates skin and creates a strong moisture barrier to keep skin supple for longer. Plus, the product is sleekly packaged and eye catching, a definite plus for a 20-something’s bathroom shelf.
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5. BEST FOR BRIGHTENING THE UNDER-EYE AREA: Skincode Essentials Alpine White Brightening Eye Contour Cream

Apply this potion in the morning and you'll be looking refreshed and ready for the day. A powerful combination of active ingredients that brighten, smooth and detoxify the eye contour area. Contains Vitamin B3 and an alpine plant derived complex that combats dark spots, and a Green Algae complex that targets dark circles. This Swiss made product is dermatologist tested and free from colour, fragrance, preservatives and animal derivatives

6. BEST FOR DE-PUFFING UNDER-EYE BAGS: L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Eye Cream

All the benefits of laser therapy without the pain and cost, this powerhouse contains active ingredients like Pro-Xylane, Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine that deflate and cures eye bag, fading fine lines and wrinkles along the way and stimulates micro circulation around eye area. Added advantage, it comes with a unique metal applicator that cools and soothes the under-eye area during application.
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7. BEST FORMULA FOR DARK CIRCLES: O3+ Eye Circle Cream Brightening & Whitening Dermal Zone

Choc-a-bloc with Carotenoids this is the best under eye cream for dark circles. This under eye cream smoothens the eye contour, lifts and firms the delicate skin and brightens dullness around the eyes so that you visibly see the difference. What’s more, it even deflates bags, reduces puffiness and smoothens wrinkles. Use daily to reveal radiant, younger looking under-eye skin. Ideal for all skin types and can be used by both women and men. Use twice daily for best results.
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