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7 Innisfree cult favourites on every Beauty editor’s wish-list

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A free-spirited, Korean brand that worships naturalism, Innisfree is ‘dedicated to sharing the clean
and pure energy of nature’ Let the ingredients discovered on the mystical island of Jeju (home of the four energies of pure nature), help you find the true meaning of beauty!
An exquisite Jeju find straight from its’ volcanic bed, trust us when we say you will feel your skin breathe as it rejuvenates post a soothing, deep pore cleanse. Bid adieu to those painful pore strips and invest in this brilliant, must-have mask.
Pro tip: Wash it off in exactly 15 minutes and moisturise to avoid dry/flaky skin.
A wine-infused skincare product- Innisfree, you have our heart. Post applying, the product literally rolls over your skin in the shape of soft balls, softly exfoliating it. Welcome super hydrated, bouncy and supple skin every time you use this celestial creation.
Pro tip: Use it in the morning in place of a cleanser and experience difference since day 1.
Innisfree has wisely harnessed the power of a certain Orchid type that is known to survive harsh winters on Jeju. Incredible, right? A thick gel-cream formulation, this product is not only known to tighten, but also brighten and keep pores in check.
Pro tip: Add this one to your night skincare routines and wake up to a natural, healthy glow.
The packaging of this beauty is enough to make you want one! Imbibed with a mild green tea fragrance, it seeps into your skin quickly without making it greasy. Daily use of this serum lets your skin be in its natural supple state and improves its inherent tone.
Pro tip: Dry-skinned divas- always top it up with a moisturizer.
This cream is touted as the skincare magic wand. It is ‘A complete anti-aging cream, containing 9 active ingredients from Jeju’ that tackles the 9 most common signs of skin deterioration. Try it to believe it!
Pro tip: Apply post using a toner and a serum for maximum results.
This revolutionary product by Innisfree is a moisturizing foam cleanser formulated with Jeju Calamus extracts that thoroughly cleanses makeup residues, urban pollutants and other impurities. 
Pro tip: Use this after a long day to draw out pollutants and makeup residue, so you can sleep with a squeaky clean face.
The mother of all sleeping packs is here! Unique in its formulation, this product contains nutrition capsules filled with natural ingredients that provide green tea antioxidants to your skin and help brighten your skin tone. Wake up to a fully moisturized, supple face.
Pro tip: Introduce this into your night time routines NOW!
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