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7 lifesaver beauty hacks you should keep at work

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It’s tough being a working girl AND a diva! Tough deadlines, long days at work and even longer evenings partying with your pals can make life a mad whirl. Do you find yourself sleeping through your alarm and getting to work with five minutes to spare before an important meeting? Spilled coffee on your white-as-snow shirt? Got to office with bedhead Pamela Anderson would envy?; We’ve all been there. But with just a few lifesaving supplies on-hand at work, you can turn these beauty emergencies into a non-issue. As any savvy Nykaa girl will tell you, it’s not just wise but highly advisable to have beauty hacks for everything from stress breakouts to hangover camouflage.
ISSUE: You need to look picture perfect before a big meeting but rushed out without your makeup bag
BEAUTY LIFESAVER: All-in-one makeup sticks
There’s no need to run to the nearest makeup counter to stock up on the whole lot again. Just keep one multipurpose lip and cheek stick in your desk drawer and use it to touch up your lipstick and blush. Dab on straight from the stick and blend with your fingertip. Another lifesaver is a makeup foundation stick that glides on effortlessly providing medium coverage and a long-lasting, lustrous natural finish. One swipe is all you’ll need to conceal fine lines and imperfections.
ISSUE: You stayed out till 4 a.m. partying with friends and now have the dark circles to show for it
You can’t turn the clock back on a hard night’s partying to catch forty winks. But cooling—and tightening—under eye gels are the next best thing. Sure you’ve heard about chilled tea bags but you can’t walk around the office sporting them! Just dab a tiny amount of gel under your eyes to instantly reduce puffiness and soothe dark circles. The result? Brighter, open eyes for a wide awake look even if you want nothing more than to sink your head into a soft pillow.
ISSUE: Dirty, straggly hair
Your gorgeous tresses are looking limp and lifeless and there’s no time to shampoo. Just whip out your trusty can of dry shampoo that comes in powder or aerosol form. These starch or silica-based formulas soak up excess oils between shampoos to keep your blowout is good shape for longer. Check into the office washroom and spray the formula at least six inches away from roots to lightly and evenly distribute the product without creating buildup. Wait for a minute and comb through or blow dry. Just five minutes to bouncy, shiny tresses!
Don’t have a dry shampoo handy? Apply some pressed powder on your roots to degrease locks. It’s a great way to soak up excess oil. Just comb through and you’re done!
ISSUE: Wake up to a giant zit
No matter how strong the urge, don’t burst it! It may solve your problem temporarily but the scar will remain for a long time. Instead, try wrapping an ice cube in a thin muslin cloth and place it on the pimple for three minutes. The ice will kills the bacteria in the pimple and visibly flatten it. Believe it, it is true.
If a pimple does burst accidentally (or intentionally!), wash the area with soap. Then squeeze some lemon juice on a cotton ball and keep it on the burst pimple for about ten minutes. The scar will vanish.
ISSUE: You’ve been pulled into an important meeting and your nail polish is chipped and peeling
BEAUTY LIFESAVER: Nail polish remover pads
Forget the messy cotton wool and liquid nail polish remover of old. This the latest, fastest, least messy way to clean chipped polish. Nail polish cleansing pads are such a boon; just swipe across nails to remove polish. No mess or spills! One pad is enough for all ten fingers. If you have the pot formula all you need to do is stick your finger into the container and get rid of chipped paint in a jiffy.
ISSUE: The day is only half done and your face looks like you walked into an oil spill
BEAUTY LIFESAVER: Blotting paper
First the good news, oily skins show up wrinkles and lines much later in life than dry skins. But right now you need a mess-free, quick and easy way to get rid of T zone oil build up that happens at the worst possible times. Blotting pads are such a supper convenient way of blotting off excess shine without taking off your makeup. Just dab on firmly and you’re good to go!
ISSUE: Left your makeup kit at home and you’re less than party-ready
Just because you didn’t bring your makeup kit to work doesn’t mean you can’t look sultry in the p.m. Just hold up your regular kajal or eyeliner to a lighter flame for a second to get intensely colored, super-blendable eyeliner that you can use to create smudged smoky eyes to take you through the evening.
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