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7 Summer Beauty Hacks You Need To Know

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7 Summer Beauty Hacks You Need To Know - 1
Heat and humidity are part and parcel of Indian summers and makeup artist Sandhya Shekar feels our pain.  So, if you’d rather glow than remain a sweaty, frizzy mess, we’ve got some prized summer skin care tips & beauty hacks that you’ll want to put to memory.  They may sound a bit crazy but they’re downright effective when you feel like you’re in an oven.
7 Summer Beauty Hacks You Need To Know - 2
Buh-bye Tanning
For a major part of her life, Sandhya complained of a blotchy face. Not anymore! “Apply some raw milk all over your face before you hit the sack and rinse it off the next morning. Your complexion will glow!”  She also swears by a face pack made from a paste of sandalwood or Fuller’s Earth mixed with a little turmeric powder and rose water which is super effective for tan removal. Ideally apply in the evening and rinse off when dry. use it in
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Budge-Proof, Sweat-Proof Makeup
Being a pro herself, Sandhya knows how important the base is. So, for temperature-proof makeup she advises using a mattifying moisturizer that doubles up as a primer. While she prefers one from the Clarins range, you could try Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer, a light, matte formula that gives non-shiny finish, fights pimples and is just what oily skin needs. “Follow that up with a matte foundation and then set in place with dab of compact.”  
Pro Tip: Carry a wad of blotting paper in your handbag to dab off shine attacks!
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Fantastic Frizz-Free Hair
Hair should be low maintenance. Sandhya says getting the right cut to suit your texture is the first step to well behaved hair. Plus, Olive Oil. “For years it’s been my loyal hair care partner. Argan Oil is another good option.” As far as shampoo-conditioner are concerned, she says try different brands till you find your match.
Pro Tip: Gather your hair up in a bun whenever you’re outdoors. This will protect the tips of strands that are most prone to damage and split ends.
7 Summer Beauty Hacks You Need To Know - 5
No More Sweaty Napes When You Blow Dry!
Besides frizz, the worst part of heat styling your hair in summer is sweating while you’re styling. Your hair’s in place but now you need another shower. Here’s a simple hack: Apply a powder deodorant like Dove Whitening Silk Dry Deodorantto the back of your neck about ten minutes before blow drying.
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Oily T-Zone! What’s that?
Here, Sandhya doesn’t take a minute to say, “Skip the moisturizer around your T-Zone altogether!” Instead, focus on the primer and then a mattifying compact powder. Don’t use loose powder since it starts gets cakey by midday.
7 Summer Beauty Hacks You Need To Know - 7
Banish Body Odour For Good
Here’s a tried and tested Sandhya hack. She washes her underarms with her trusted A-derma Facewash that’s enriched with oatmeal! Apparently, she doesn’t even need a deodorant after that. “I personally don’t like roll-ons. Diet has a big role to play in how you smell, so cut down on spicy, garlicy food.” For intimate areas, her go-to is Fem V-Wash.
7 Summer Beauty Hacks You Need To Know - 8
Sun Protected All Summer Long
A self-confessed sunscreen devotee, Sandhya’s bottle of sunscreen is like her right hand when it comes to beauty. And whenever the sun does mess with her, there’s always milk to the rescue!
Gear up to battle the sun, ladies. Yeah, we’ll thank Sandhya on your behalf! Share your favorite summer makeup & beauty hack and you could win a lucky hamper from us!
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