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7 Super Heroes Who Gave Us Serious #HairGoals

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Imagine, saving the world, battling gigantic metallic lizards and annoying steel creatures on air-boards, closing other-world portals and still managing to look hot. (How?!) Yup, they’re called superheroes for a reason. Be it their telepathic powers or the ability to turn green when pissed off, there are a few super humans whose tresses manage to look impeccable even when the earth is splitting apart. They have the perfect balance of sass and good looks and look downright sexy even in the midst of a battle.
These seven Super Heroes gave us some major hair crushing to focus on:
Professor Charles Xavier a.k.a James McCavoy
Don’t get us wrong. We love Patrick Stewart. But there is just something unruly and effortlessly messy about James McCavoy’s combed hairdo that we can’t get enough of.
Batman a.k.a Ben Affleck
He’s been there. He’s done that. A short, gelled back, side-coif that breaks lose the moment he is raging against villains, Ben Affleck nails everything BATMAN.
Iron Man a.k.a Robert Downey Jr.
God made the world. And then God made Robert Downey Jr. THAT humble undercut and the not-so shy gelled, messy, front hairdo had us all doing the Harlem Shake.
Thor a.k.a Chris Hemsworth
If you want to love your golden locks right, take some lessons from Thor. He may have THE hammer but he also knows how to whip that hair to his advantage.
Aaron Taylor Johnson
The newest Avenger didn’t shy away from sporting envy-worthy platinum hair. Or maybe Quicksilver did take the silvery connotation rather seriously. *Intellectual musings.
Captain America a.k.a Chris Evans
If there ever was a ladies’ favourite, it’s him. With a clean undercut that is accentuated with a side way parting, Chris Evans just horded all the brownie points that ever existed.
Wolverine a.k.a Hugh Jackman
There isn’t a word coined for this man’s hairdo, but it resembles every bit of the wolf he is. *Slow claps for Hugh Jackman, please, ladies and gents.*
So go on, you league of amazing humans and let those alien villains tremble in front of your awesomeness. We’ll be here jotting down some stylespiration.
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