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7 tips to update your makeup for spring

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Winter’s over and it’s time to pull out your summer togs. So what about giving your much loved beauty products and tools a little rejuvenating TLC as well? And while you’re updating your makeup bag, steel your heart and prepare to discard broken powders and year-old mascaras as well. Read on for time tested face makeup tips to clean up and upgrade your cosmetics collection. So, pull up your sleeves and get ready for a makeup spring update!
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As fluffy white clouds drift across the blue sky, it's time to brighten up your face with the appropriate spring face makeup. Say goodbye to deeper, darker contour palettes and bronzers you so loved in winter and opt for blush colors on the opposite side of the color spectrum. We're talking about coral, bright pink, peach and orange. Click here to find the best blush for your skin tone
BB/CC Creams
It’s time to ditch heavy, full coverage foundations and concealers that can look cakey as the weather warms up. Instead fall in love–again—with airy textured and lightweight BB and CC Creams that are infused with skin loving ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These face makeup products set to a delicate satin matte finish and provides sheer to light coverage, evening out the skin tone and hiding redness. You can’t get any softer, and more perfect for spring skin than this.
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It’s time to shelve those deep, matte hues. Now it’s all about high intensity, bight-n-chirpy colors with all day moisturizing benefits and high gloss and shine. Opt for flattering pop hues such as coral and fuchsia for a fresher, sunny outlook. Click here to check out the thousand shades of lipsticks!
Ask any woman what her one secret beauty product is and the answer will invariably be mascara! Spring is the perfect time to choose a lengthening, volumizing mascara with a formula that instantly opens up your eyes and makes you party ready. This season is also the perfect time to chuck your clumpy, smelly mascara and invest in one of the newest formulas designed to take your lashes to even greater heights & these eye makeup tips will ensure a flawless look.
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Neutral Eye Shadow Palette
Give darker, dramatic color palettes a miss and instead pick warm berry and nude eyeshadows. There’s no limit to what a nude eye makeup palette can do; smoke, highlight and diffuse to create endless, classic and timeless looks that range from earth tones to warmer chocolates and accents of lavender.
Spring is all about building luminosity. Subtle highlighting for a luminous glow that catches the light is what you should be after. Avoid harsh and obvious sculpt contouring and choose best illuminator & highlighter to accentuate your features and give you that unbeatable sun kissed glow.
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Lip balms
And you thought lip balms were only for lip care, i.e. soothing chapped winter lips? Your lips have no oil glands and need deeply replenishing lip balms all year round to retain their kissable appeal. Liven things up this spring with a balm that colors up AND cares for your pout.
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