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8 Beauty Unicorns You Need in Your Kitty Now!

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Summer’s waving a bright farewell. We are looking up into those murky specimens of clouds and praying to the rain gods to let those showers pour. In our minds, the picture is unperturbed. Lush green accentuated by dainty rainbows. Colours popping up like marigolds and pleasant drizzles to welcome some much needed unicorn magic. Our vanity kits squiggle and quiver in anticipation from restocking some holy-grail beauty products. And that’s exactly where we turn into fairy godmothers for you and take out our wands with a flourish! Hear, hear! All you pretty nymphs, we give you eight beauty unicorns that you need to bag in your kitty, now!
An amalgamation of three exotic wonders, this one is enriched with Kokum, Avacado and Mango Butter to soften, sooth and nourish your lippies. Warmed with sunshine and reminiscent of blue lagoons, the Japanese Cherry Blossom adds the perfect dash of pink.
Scoring a leaf from the ancient Vedas, the recipe for this hair wonder comes from our abode of ancestral treasure. Black Sesame, Virgin Coconut Oil, Goat’s Milk and herbal extracts form a dream team to shoo away hair fall and aid new hair growth.
The Superwoman of youthful skin has arrived in this paraben-free elixir. A blend of Primrose and Lavender Essential Oils whip up major drama to give you younger looking skin by morning.
Harping their zero-sulphates, zero-parabens mojo, this natural body cleanser comes imbued with pure Mango and Papaya extracts. Aiming for supple, soft skin with its moisturizing agents, it can be used by both men and women.
Super formulation, high-shine factor and a long stay power, bag this lavender beauty for the perfect summer-monsoon play. A classic pastel that gleams of lush purple fields and brings you home to calm, this one’s an absolute winner!
A water resistant, moisturizing beast, its advanced collagen protection prevents wrinkles caused due to sun exposure. A light, non-oily, non-greasy sun lotion, it is your skin angel for the coming months.
Aspiring the perfect Marilyn Monroe look? Shake hands with this red-pout beauty that assures high coverage along with a creamy consistency that settles into a glorious matte on your lips.
Tangle Teezer maybe your thing, but wait till you try this one! Bristles that work their way to sooth your scalp while untangling your knots, their ‘Flexotec’ power makes them our new favourites.
It’s time to get your beauty game on pointe. *Cat Woman eye-stare.*
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