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8 Classics You Can Never Overthrow

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The overwhelming truth about the beauty industry is that there’s a new launch, a new innovation or a new alternative at least once a day. It’s Rihanna dropping her new line of 100 beauty products one day, and Huda Kattan exclusively tying-up with Nykaa the next. Though, despite these trailblazing advancements, nothing compares to our grannies good ol’ favourites. They’ve survived the test of time (and science). Let alone ’em beauty editors. So here’s a roundup of eight cult classic beauty products that are going nowhere but straight to your kit.
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Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly

What came first – Vaseline or petroleum jelly? The man behind this household staple, chemist Robert Chesebrough, has the answer to that. His result of refining rod wax gave us an award-winning ointment that can heal a myriad of skin (and hair) concerns while locking in moisture. Who’d think a simple concoction of water, oil, natural wax and mineral oils would be competent 150 years after its invention?
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Avene Thermal Spring Water

The secret of this miraculous eau dates back to 1736. Marquis de Rocozels’ horse suffered a severe skin disease, and accidentally cured himself by soaking in and drinking from a thermal spring around the slopes of the Black Mountain in the Southwest of France.  What was purely medicinal eons ago is now a dermatologist’s hottest recommendation thanks to cutting-edge research.
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Moroccanoil Treatment Original

10 glorious years ago, we learnt two things: that coconut oil isn’t the be-all and end-all (for Indians at least), nor does oiling hair need to be such a greasy task. Carmen Tal, founder, put argan oil on the world map and changed the way we look at hair oils. Today, this frizz-fighter is a care and styling marvel that works towards building a strong foundation for all hair types.
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Revlon Nail Enamel in Raven Red

Inspired by popular actresses of the 50s, Revlon introduced quite a few scarlet lippes and nail enamels. What was known as the Fire and Ice collection, is now a classic. They soon pioneered opaque pigments (unlike the sheer tints available) and came to be known as a long-lasting brand. Another fun fact: Christian Louboutin applied red polish in the soles of his early designs that’s now his patent. Quite a legacy, eh?
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NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

One swipe of gloss and you’ll feel absolutely everything sticking to you lips – hair, dust, specs of previously consumed... It’s the reason we stay away from them. In it, we lose out on that beautiful shiny glaze. Until the launch of NYX’s Butter Gloss earlier this millennium. (Excuse our early predictions, trust us when we say we aren’t getting ahead of ourselves). Available in 34 shades, these sweet and slimy formula have been winning accolades ever since their invention.
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Lakme Enrich (Matte and Satin) Lipsticks

Touted to be India’s number one lipstick, it’s drastically undergone serious amounts of upgrades since its inception. Back in the day, it was every working women’s holy grail. What with their umpteen shades of brown tints that lasted all day long. Today, they’ve expanded not only in shades but diversified in two different ranges – matte and satin. They’re not only in the game but bang for the buck as well.
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Maybelline New York The Colossal Kajal 24HR Smudge Proof Deep Black

What are the odds that you continue to break the market in a nation that’s obsessed with kohl? Maybelline’s claim to be the darkest swipe of black that lasts all of 6 hours was an overnight success story. Competitors tried to (still do) shackle that. But this kohl has only grown stronger, darker and smoother with a pigment elevated to last 16 hours. Gulp!
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L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD

If a girl needs to conceal, she needs to conceal. It’s a step in her daily routine she can’t evade even if she’s down to the last drop (or penny). But LA Girl cracked the code by introducing a superior formula that’s lightweight crease resistant and long-wearing without breaking the bank. This tough cookie doesn’t break a sweat under harsh conditions, and its brush tip glides like a dream. Take a bow.
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