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8 handbag beauty essentials every girl needs

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8 handbag beauty essentials every girl needs - 1
You’re a busy girl, flitting between frantic work days, a demanding family and nights out with friends. It’s easy to look washed out after a long day. But a Nykaa girl is always prepared. From impromptu nights out to instant face fixers, she’s ready for any and all eventualities thanks to these ten handbag beauty and makeup essentials.
8 handbag beauty essentials every girl needs - 2
Working in air conditioned offices or trampling through the city can dehydrate skin, making it look dull and dry. Keep a face mist handy to soothe and soften skin, restoring its natural balance. Spray on the minute skin starts feeling taut and itchy. Choose a formula with antibacterial properties especially designed for sensitive and allergy prone skin for a spritz of instant soothing freshness.
8 handbag beauty essentials every girl needs - 3
Keeping the focus on your lips with a vivid lip color is not just a great fashion statement but will instantly perk up your spirits. Besides, a chirpy hue can make you feel dressed up even when you don’t have time to change from day to evening wear. Try a fuchsia or berry pink lippie; these are classics that never go out of style. We love a lippie that gives a creamy application and pigment that lasts through drinks.
8 handbag beauty essentials every girl needs - 4
Even the best applied makeup can fade as the day stretches. Keep a liquid concealer handy to lighten under eye circles and fine lines. Look for a formula that contains micro fine light-diffusing pigments to blur the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and has a smooth consistency that makes it easy to blend in and hide blemishes, dark circles and fatigue without looking patchy.
8 handbag beauty essentials every girl needs - 5
The Nykaa woman always keeps a compact handy because no matter how carefully you apply your make-up in the morning, regular touch-ups are necessary through the day especially if the weather is hot and humid. Choose a translucent formula that keeps your skin looking flawless, matte and natural. Look for a non-comedogenic formula that won’t clog pores.
8 handbag beauty essentials every girl needs - 6
It’s the easiest way to add a hint of dewy color and freshness to cheeks especially on days when you need an instant pick-me-up. Deftly applied blush can transform your complexion from washed out to glowing and youthful. Stick with a creamy blush formula for end-of-day touchups because powdery formulations look cakey on p.m. skin and you run the risk of a powdery mess in your handbag if the compact inadvertently opens.
8 handbag beauty essentials every girl needs - 7
By the afternoon, even the most smudge-proof kajal starts to fade. Choose an eyeliner that simply glides on especially if you like tight lining your lashes. A soft, buttery formula infused with the goodness of cocoa butter, Vitamin E and Olive Oil Esters will simply glide on. Always choose an ophthalmologist-tested brand that can be used even by contact lens wearers. This way you’ll know its suitable even for sensitive eyes.
8 handbag beauty essentials every girl needs - 8
Didn’t get time to shampoo and have an important meeting scheduled for later? Don’t ever get caught with flat, greasy locks, thanks to this wonder invention, dry shampoo! Just a swift spritz of this magic formula in the ladies’ and you can have grease and frizz-free strands in a flash. Such an easy way to freshen up your hairstyle and add texture.
8 handbag beauty essentials every girl needs - 9
If you’re not a lipstick girl, make sure you have a lip balm—preferably a tinted one—handy for adding a dash of color to your lips. Luckily for you, current formulas not just hydrate your pout and prevent chapping they also restore moisture and plump up your pout. Many also have inbuilt SPF to sun protect your lips. Now add long lasting moisture and a hint of shimmering color on your lips in a flash.
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