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8 Herbal Hair Beauts You Must Own NOW

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8 Herbal Hair Beauts You Must Own NOW - 1
Seriously, these all-natural swaps will have you hooked on in no time!
8 Herbal Hair Beauts You Must Own NOW - 2
Pollution, sun exposure, hair dyes and product build-up are daily tress battles. Combat them all with this potent mix prepared from 100 percent natural herbs in a pure Coconut Oil base. Along with its easy-to-use self-applicator this genie-in-a-bottle is the ultimate solution to prevent hair fall, dandruff and even thinning.
8 Herbal Hair Beauts You Must Own NOW - 3
Fortified with power of eight herbs—Amla, Hibiscus, Heena, Tigonella Seed, Neem, Vetiver, Wheatgerm Oil and Soy Lecithin—this all-natural shampoo is what your locks have been thirsting for. Lather it up every alternate day to nourish, soften and repair damaged hair from follicle to tip.
8 Herbal Hair Beauts You Must Own NOW - 4
Enriched with a blend of Kelp, Peppermint Oil, Mint Leaf extract and natural proteins, this nourishing shampoo gently cleanses while invigorating the scalp for faster growth and a healthier shine. Especially designed to combat hair fall it’s a BFF to those with thinning hair concerns.
8 Herbal Hair Beauts You Must Own NOW - 5
If dandruff, itchiness, and flaky skin are ruining your looks, this one’s for you! Packed with an ayurvedic concoction of Vetiver, Wheatgerm Oil and Soy Lecithin, Neem and Hibiscus, this pump-to-press formula smells divine. Simply massage it to a wet scalp for flake-free locks.
8 Herbal Hair Beauts You Must Own NOW - 6
For follicle-level intense nourishment, this herbal shampoo is your best bet. With extracts of Brahmi and Soya Protein, it adds extra moisturization from deep within. Your hair will feel weightless and bouncy, reflecting light from each and every strand. 
8 Herbal Hair Beauts You Must Own NOW - 7
Enhanced with antibacterial properties this pure essential oil blend of Cypress, Orange, Almond, Indian Gooseberry and Soya bean extracts with Lavender and Patchouli create a luxurious conditioner that revitalizes and retextures damaged hair. Also, known for its moisture retention capacity, it’s an absolute crowd-pleaser.
8 Herbal Hair Beauts You Must Own NOW - 8
Dry, damaged, frizzy hair is a thing of the past! Free from SLES and parabens this thick formulation prepared from handpicked Macadamia Nuts will give any other product a run for its money. Apply it to clean, damp strands and leave on for ten minutes for even more volume and definition than ever before!
8 Herbal Hair Beauts You Must Own NOW - 9
Whoever said hair dyeing is harmful, didn’t know any better. Take this cooling henna pack for example. Filled with conditioning properties of Mush Root, Indian Gooseberry, Margosa, Vitamins C and E, it cools and conditions hair naturally. And, since it’s completely ayurvedic, its devoid of side effects too.
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