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8 Mascara Hacks That Will Change Your Lashes Forever!

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Alright, so listen close ladies! Wondering how to use mascara in various ways? We’ve got some how to use mascara secrets you don’t want to miss. Best part? We’ve already done the legwork. So, here are eight easy ways to flaunt doll-like lashes likes a nonchalant prima donna. We’ve picked the NYX Professional Makeup Doll Eye Mascara, but you can pick any one you prefer. Flutter, flutter!
Believe it or not ladies, but your business card can actually help pump up your lash volume. How? Well, all you’ve got to do is place your card right on your lid line and apply your mascara all the way up to the tips. This allows your mascara to get right to the base of your lids and all the way up. Swish away for your most defined lashes yet!
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You end up with mascara everywhere except your lashes? Your messes end now! All you’ll need is makeup remover on a Q Tip and cotton ball dabbed in foundation. These two babies can fix your faux pas in a jiffy. Clean the stubborn stain with the Q Tip and dab the cotton wool on the spot immediately afterwards. Ah, how convenient! Well, now you know how to remove mascara when it goes haywire!
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Things just got easier ladies. If your beauty pouch is cramped, feel free to eliminate your eyeliner. Your mascara is more than enough. Grab your liner brush and gently sweep it over your mascara wand and strategically line both your upper and lower lash line. Finish the look with some mascara on your lash tips. Perfectly sketched eyes to whip out. Oh, yes!
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Gunky mascara is a huge turn off. Here’s a tiny trick to avoid this ugly mess. Rinse your mascara wand with hot water to get a fresh application to start with.  Once you’re done with that, remember to not repeatedly pump your mascara wand in and out of the tube. That makes it worse. The secret is to twirl and pump out of the bottle and apply like a boss. Swish, Swish.
Delicate baby hair on your hair line can be quite an ugly sight. Mascara to the rescue! Take advantage of the power of mascara bristles and apply mascara by carefully sweeping at those tiny strands till they merge with the rest of your hair. No more endless attempts to get your strands to behave. Time to throw away your mini irons and bring on the mascara! 
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Grab your spoon and get those lashes looking delicious in seconds! Here’s how. Place your spoon on your lash line and press your finger against your lashes towards the edge of your spoon. To finish up rotate your spoon and pull it upwards. You’ve now got yourself some gorgeous bloomed lashes!
Here’s how the classic and ever so nostalgic Baby Powder makes a return. Between applying each coat of mascara, take your Q-tip and dip it in some Baby Powder. Then generously run it across your lashes, focusing on the tips. Follow this up with the second layer and then bat ’em lashes as everyone looks on enviously.
It’s a given that manly brows are literally trending off the roofs. But here’s the catch. This time, you can save on investing in a brow enhancer. Instead, take out your mascara and sweep over your brow line to make them super voguish. Showstopper brows in seconds! Ah, the beauty of mascara, right! Well, now you know how to get longer eyelashes for that perfect look!
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