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8 Natural summertime skin remedies

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An Indian summer is anything but enjoyable! And if all that relentless sunshine, heat and water cuts aren’t bad enough, the average guy and gal also has to deal with sunburn, skin darkening, insect bites and more. Summer is also the ideal time to go easy on chemical ingredients and opt of natural, soothing herbal cures. Presenting some tried and tested herbal remedies for common summertime woes.
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Instead of scratching till you draw blood, simply apply a drop or two of Peppermint Oil like ESP Peppermint Oil - 10ml on the insect bite. It instantly cools inflammation and increases circulation to the bite, speeding up the healing process. No Peppermint Oil? Apply a dollop of minty toothpaste instead.
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Bring out the Vinegar! Vinegar contains acetic acid, one of the components of aspirin that soothes sunburn pain, itching, and inflammation. Simply soak a few paper towels with WOW Apple Cider Vinegar - Pack of 1 and apply on the burned areas. Leave on till the tissue dries. Repeat if needed. Alternately, apply a couple of drops of Lavender Oil like Aroma Treasures Lavender Pure Essential Oil on the affected areas for immediate relief.
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Heat rashes are common in summer especially if you sweat a lot. Mix a cup of baking soda and four drops of Lavender Oil to a luke-warm bath of water. Alternately chill a pot of brewed chamomile tea like Organic India Tulsi Honey Chamomile Tea (18 Tea Bags). Dab a clean cotton pad in the mixture and apply topically.
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Mix together three tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel (like Vedic Line Natural Aloe Vera Gel - Hydra10) and four drops Tea Tree Oil (like Nyassa Tea Tree Essential Oil) and apply to the problem areas. Aloe contains ingredients that kill acne causing bacteria while Tea Tree has powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds that zap zits.
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Skin darkening is a common problem in summer. A healing, fairness face pack to the rescue! Mix together one tablespoon of Sandalwood and two-three tablespoons of Rose Water (we love Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water).  The combination of soothing and cooling Sandalwood and healing Rose Water makes it the perfect natural remedy for getting rid of a tan.
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This is meant for those of us who sweat profusely. The heat only makes it worse and you can douse yourself with Deo but body odor caused by sweat mixing with bacteria is a hard nut to crack. Extra-virgin coconut oil like Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is a powerful deodorant. It contains Lauric Acid that kills bacteria that causes body odor. After a shower dab yourself dry and massage a light layer of Coconut oil into skin. Voila! No more body odor!
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Sweaty feet and closed shoes are a recipe for disaster! Tea tree is a potent anti-fungal remedy. Add a few drops of Tea Tree oil to a teaspoon of Almond Oil and rub into the affected areas. Do this twice daily until the itching stops. Then continue once daily for a few months until the fungal infection is nipped at the bud.  Try HealthVit Aroma Tea Tree Essential Oil and Aroma Magic Almond Sweet Oil.
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Simply mix the juice of one lemon with five tablespoons sugar and one tablespoon of Olive Oil like Fabindia Olive Body Oil. In the shower apply all over your body with a loofah. Lemon contains natural alpha-hydroxy fruit acids to loosen the glue that binds dead skin cells together, while sugar is a gentle exfoliator that cleans pores and increases cell turnover. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E to nourish and condition skin. Hello beautiful skin!
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