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8 Travel Friendly Beauty Hacks

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The summer hols are upon us and there isn’t a moment to waste. You’ve spent a pretty packet for your dream vacay and now that it’s here, it’s so pointless spending time fussing over your beauty routine. Still, looking pretty in photos is non-negotiable. So how’s one to look smashing without wasting too much time or sacrificing precious beauty sleep?

Here are eight travel beauty essentials for gals who want it all!

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Meet your new BFF Dry Shampoo

Need to wash your hair every morning to keep in bouncy and sparkling? Who has the time to shampoo and blow dry on holiday? Cue dry shampoo, our knight in shining powdery armour. When your hair’s crying for a wash, just spritz on mane saving Batiste Dry Shampoo Instant Hair Refresh Clean. A quick tip: apply the formula the night before. Doing that allows the excess oil in your hair to absorb overnight. Plus, all that tossing and turning you do in your sleep with add serious body to your locks.

Make your beauty sleep all about beauty

Who has the time to slather on countless face creams and serums when all those malls and local attractions are just crying out to be discovered? Think about the eight hours you spend asleep. So why not use that stress-free, uninterrupted time lathering on lotions and potions you wouldn’t have time for in the morning? Another bonus: That’s also the time your skin works overtime to repair itself by increasing cell turnover, making it the perfect time to apply a lotion or mask. Choose an overnight cream or mask like Estee Lauder Nutritious Vitality 8 Night Radiant Overnight Creme / Mask that aids this repair process so that you wake up to happy, refreshed skin. Genius!  
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Eyelash extensions to the rescue

Forget fiddly eyeliner and mascara application. All that curling, lengthening and wiping messes can take time. Instead invest in a faithful pair of falsies so that your eyes look wide awake with minimum fuss. These low maintenance wonders instantly make you look ready and you can head out the door with nothing more than a smear of lip gloss and sunscreen. We especially love Ardell Natural Strip Lashes - 109 Demi Black.

Take multitasking to a new level

The last thing you want to do when friends and family are itching to set off for the day is fussing around with multiple products. Besides travel light is the mantra savvy gals swear by. Keep it simple by packing multipurpose products; a tinted cream stain like Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Creme - Grape Hint can double up as a cheek and lip color. A matte SPF infused compact like Maybelline New York White Super Fresh Compact can double up as an oil-absorbing face powder and sunscreen. You get the picture…
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Replace foundation with concealer

Instead of spending precious minutes applying and blending foundation, fake a full coverage look by simply applying the right concealer in all the right places. Ideally carry along a lightweight, hydrating concealer like Inglot Cream Concealer that melts into skin, instead of sitting unnaturally on top of it. Start by applying concealer under your eyes, around your nose and chin, and on any blemishes/imperfections. Appling concealer on just these areas brightens and softens the entire face to create the illusion of a full face of foundation. Then dab on your compact to set and you’re good to go!

Choose products you can apply with your fingers

Continuing the theme of traveling light, ditch fiddly makeup brushes and sponge and all that swirl and tap business. Instead opt for cream-based products and use your fingers to apply instead. It may just cut down on seconds, but every second counts when you’re in a rush to get going. Besides, cream blushes and eye shadows offer a more natural, day-appropriate finish than powdery formulas.
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Hair and now

Have three really fast hairstyles on the ready that you know look good on you no matter what the state of your tresses. Our go-to trio includes a braid, a top knot, and a sleek low ponytail. Practice them beforehand so you know you can do them with your eyes closed. They all take less than three minutes and you’ll always look put together, bad hair day or not.

When all else fails

You overslept and everyone’s at the door raring to go. Say hello to lipstick, your best last-minute friend. Simply swipe on the happiest red you own instead of an entire face of makeup. We adore L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick - 266 Pure Rouge. You’ll instantly feel confident and look put together and wide awake. Talk about a win-win!
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