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8 Underrated Beauty Brands That Deserve Your Attention (And Money)

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Underrated Beauty Brands

From that one godly shade of lipstick to your beloved bottle of shampoo, repeat-buying utter classics comes easy to all of us. And for good reason. These are babies of global powerhouses and have been our all-time favorites for years now.

However, while shopping within the confines of our trusted brands is synonymous with comfort, branching out to other lesser known but equally worthy brands has a high of its own. Just because these unpopular makeup brands aren’t only sold online or aren’t allotted the ideal placement in a beauty store doesn’t mean their offerings aren’t bang for your buck.

Well, Beauty Book took it upon themselves to dig out such unlikely treasure troves and award them with a little extra love. We’re not kidding when we say that these should be in your radar during your next beauty haul.

We’re not kidding when we say that these underrated beauty brands should be in your radar during your next beauty haul.

Unpopular Makeup Brands - PAC

1. PAC

Short for Professional Artist Cosmetics, PAC is a revelation. Established in 2002 in Germany, it’s funny how makeup afficionados around the world are still discovering this makeup heaven consisting of 700+ products! From a full range of intelligently designed makeup brushes to the most exhaustive collection of false eyelashes, you’ll rarely find an out-and-out affordable brand that’s so committed to professional makeup.

Spotlight Please!

What: PAC Tapered Lash – 213

Why: For luxe lashes in under Rs. 250!

2. L.A. Girl

Everyone’s favorite makeup concealer comes from a collection that isn’t touted enough. L.A. Girl is a brand that takes pride in empowering every strata of makeup users with unparalleled formulas and colors. From pigmented, all-in-one eyeshadow palettes to crease-resistant, buildable base formulas, go check this brand out while we pat our backs for such a mind-blowing finding.

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What: L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD

Why: For an all-inclusive range of *hold your breath* 37 whopping shades!

Best Underrated Makeup Brands – L.A. Girl
Underrated Beauty Brands – Miss Claire

3. Miss Claire

Straight from the markets of Europe, consider Miss Claire as the bottomless beauty kit that you’ve always desired. Basically, the stuff of dreams. With over 900 products, their hardworking glimmersticks (read eyeliners) are available in 21 shades and priced as low as 65 bucks! Though the brand does branch out to sheet masks and lip butters, their USP are their color makeup products.

Spotlight Please!

What: Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream

Why: For 64 gorgeous shades that are matte minus the dryness

4. Biotique

Don’t get us wrong here, Biotique has earned its place in the world of advanced Ayurveda. Sadly, some of us refuse to take these splendid prodigies seriously just because the lower price tag doesn’t seem convincing enough. Well, happy skin doesn’t demand serious damage to your wallet and Biotique is proof of that. We’re talking 100% organic, concern-centric skin care formulas that seamlessly marry Indian traditional medicine with advanced Swiss biotechnology.

Spotlight Please!

What: Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub

Why: For a miracle worker that breaks down the most stubborn vacay tan

Unpopular Makeup Brands - Biotique
Best Underrated Makeup Brands – It’s Skin

5. It’s Skin

We’ll be honest here; we weren’t the biggest fans of K-beauty all this while. But if there’s there one brand that has convinced us to give it another shot, it has to be It’s Skin. Though we were first lured by its uber-cute packaging, the results are what made us stick around. Special mention here to the brand’s exclusive Power 10 Series that comprises of the most potent formulas and are targeted at specific skin concerns. Commendable, we must say.

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What: It's Skin Collagen Nutrition Serum

Why: For miracle drops that pack in a quick shot of Collagen concentrate

6. mCaffeine

If you’re not a coffee addict yet, mCaffeine will convert you in no time. As India’s first caffeinated personal care brand, these folks were quick to realize that, like our sleepy souls, our dull skin also needed the legendary pick-me-up service of pure Arabica beans. Though their face care and hair care prezzies are equally deserving, it’s their exemplary body care range that deserves an extended round of applause. So, honey… wake up and smell the coffee, will you?

Spotlight Please!

What: mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub

Why: For a cellulite-reducing me-time routine that’s as refreshing as your morning cuppa

Underrated Beauty Brands - Mcaffeine
Unpopular Makeup Brands – Wella Professionals

7. Wella Professionals

For a brand that’s been enabling hairdressers for over 130 years, Wella Professionals sure hasn’t received it’s due yet. Be it their Fusion Intense Repair range that offers 95% more resilience against breakage or an array of hair styling formulas – sprays, gels, mousses, clay, and pomades – that offer up to Level 4 hold, your mane is their main priority. Oh, and for all you curl bosses out there, their NUTRICURLS range deserves to be your staple.

Spotlight Please!

What: Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray

Why: For an exceptional heat protection formula that also smoothens your tresses

8. Vega

With a portfolio as diverse as this, consider Vega a gold mine of beauty tools. From cushion brushes to aluminium combs, from professional beauty blenders to bomb mani-pedi sets, from beard trimmers to hair crimpers – you name it and they got it. Heck, their 3-in-1 hair styler lets you switch between straight, crimped, and curled locks with the help of a single button!

Spotlight Please!

What: Vega Make-up Brushes EVS-09

Why: For a compact and affordable universe of makeup brushes, the only ones you’ll ever need

Best Underrated Makeup Brands - Vega
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